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Country Code: +359
International Call Prefix: 00

Telephone numbers in Bulgaria are under an open dialing plan, similar to those of Germany and Austria. Area codes should only dialed when necessary. Calling the same area and including an unnecessary area code will cause the call to be billed as if the call was to another area. Area codes are prepended with a trunk code of '0' when dialled.


Fixed line numbers

Area codes vary in length, from 1 to 5 digits. Subscriber number lengths vary accordingly, from 7 digits down to 3 digits; the length of the full national number is limited to 8 digits. Sofia digital numbers are with 7D, analog are with 6D, in Plovdiv, Varna and Ruse both analog and digital are with 6D number, most of other province capitals are with 5D analog and 6D digital numbers.

For a very long time, the state-owned Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) had been holding a monopoly on fixed telephone networks. However, it ended when a special law was adopted, BTC was privatized in 2004 and competing operators appeared.

Larger areas, such as Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, are subdivided to zones. Although one cannot further reduce the number of dialed digits, the number itself shows which zone it is located in. For example, in Sofia, numbers starting with 2, 82, 92 are located in the Western suburbs, with 7, 87, 97 in the Eastern suburbs, with 98 in the central area, etc.

In the recent decade there is an intensive process of replacing the old analog switchers with modern digital ones. In areas where both analog and digital switchers are operating, a subscriber number shows by its first digit if it is connected to an analog or a digital switch. In some areas it is even possible to guess if a subscriber number was changed from analog to digital during its existence or was subscribed as digital initially. For example, in Blagoevgrad a number starting with 88 was subscribed as digital, and a number starting with a single 8 was analog before.

The first digit also shows if a particular subscriber number is operated by BTC or another operator.

The area codes are always cited with the trunk code. However, within the area, or when the Sofia code of 02 can be guessed from the context, it is omitted.

Mobile numbers

Until 20 July 2003 GSM mobile networks used 6D subscriber numbers in accordance with the limit of 8 digits for a full number. With the increase of subscribers (and an international requirement), all (except Vivacom, which started operations in 2006) acquired new access codes. On 20 July 2003, Mobiltel used three codes (087, 088, 089) and Globul used two (098 and 099). When these limits were also to be overwhelmed, 7-digit subscriber numbers and single access codes per operator were introduced. Mobikom had gone through a similar change in mid-90's (from 0799+5D to 048+6D).

This change provokes an error in citing mobile numbers, quite similar to that of Erroneous UK telephone codes. The first digit of the subscriber number is most often cited as part of the access code, e.g. 0887 XXXXXX, instead of the correct 088 7XXXXXX. This error remains for new subscriber numbers and even for Vivacom numbers which have never been 6D. However, unlike the situation in UK, this error has no impact since a mobile number must always be dialled with the access code.

Dialing to a mobile network requires the access code together with the '0'. Dialing from a mobile network requires either an area or access code with the trunk, or international format (0YY YXXXXXX or +359 YY YXXXXXX). The latter becomes a normal practice, since most people use the phone book of their handsets, more people use their phones in roaming and all four operators show the caller ID in international format.

Area codes

017x Paging services (6D, not active: 0177: Link Paging, 0178: Varna Page, 0179: Mobipage)
02 Sofia
030x, 030xx and 030xxx Smolyan Province codes (0301: Smolyan, 0309: Pamporovo)
031x, 031xx and 031xxx Plovdiv Province codes
032 Plovdiv
033x and 033xx Plovdiv Province codes (0331: Asenovgrad)
034 Pazardzhik
035x, 035xx and 035xxx Pazardzhik Province codes (0350: Peshtera, 0359: Velingrad)
036x, 036xx and 036xxx Kardzhali Province codes (0351: Kardzhali)
037x, 037xx and 037xxx Haskovo Province codes (0373: Harmanli, 0379: Svilengrad)
038 Haskovo
039x and 039xx Haskovo Province codes (0391: Dimitrovgrad)
041x, 041xx and 041xxx Stara Zagora Province codes (0316: Chirpan)
042 Stara Zagora
0430 Tetra mobile network
043x, 043xx and 043xxx Stara Zagora Province codes (0431: Kazanlak)
044 Silven
045x and 045xx Sliven Province codes (0453: Kotel, 0457: Nova Zagora)
046 Yambol
047x, 047xx and 047xxx Yambol and Haskovo Provinces codes (0470: Topolovgrad, 0478: Elhovo)
048 NMT mobile network Mobikom (6D)
051x, 051xx and 051xxx Varna Province codes (0518: Provadiya, 0519: Devnya)
052 Varna
053x, 053xx and 053xxx Shumen Province codes (0537: Novi Pazar, 0538: Veliki Preslav)
054 Shumen
055x, 055xx and 055xxx Burgas Province codes (0550: South coast zone 1, 0554: Nesebar)
056 Burgas
057x, 057xx and 057xxx Dobrich Province codes (0570: Kavarna, 0579: Balchik)
058 Dobrich
059x, 059xx and 059xxx Burgas Province codes (0590: South coast zone 2, 0596: Pomorie)
060x, 060xx and 060xxx Targovishte Province codes (0601: Targovishte, 0608: Popovo)
061x, 061xx and 061xxx Veliko Tarnovo Province codes (0610: Pavlikeni, 0618 Gorna Oryahovitza)
062 Veliko Tarnovo
063x, 063xx and 063xxx Veliko Tarnovo and Pleven Provinces codes (0631: Svishtov)
064 Pleven
065x, 065xx and 065xxx Pleven Province codes (0650: Levski, 0658: Belene)
066 Gabrovo
067x, 067xx and 067xxx Gabrovo and Lovech Provinces codes (0670: Troyan, 0675: Sevlievo)
068 Lovech
069x, 069xx and 069xxx Lovech Province codes (0697: Lukovit)
070x and 070xx Kyustendil Province codes (0701: Dupnitsa)
071xx and 071xxx Sofia Province codes
072x Sofia Province codes (0720: Etropole, 0721: Kostinbrod, 0722: Samokov)
073 Blagoevgrad
074x, 074xx and 074xxx Blagoevgrad Province codes (0745: Petrich, 0749: Bansko)
075x, 075xx and 075xxx Blagoevgrad and Sofia Provinces codes (0750: Borovets, 0751: Gotse Delchev)
076 Pernik
077x, 077xx and 077xxx Pernik Province codes (0777: Radomir)
078 Kyustendil
079xx Kyustendil Province codes
0800 Toll free numbers (5D)
081x, 081xx and 081xxx Ruse Province codes (0817: Byala)
082 Ruse
083x, 083xx and 083xxx Razgrad Province codes (0838: Kubrat)
084 Razgrad
085x, 085xx and 085xxx Silistra Province codes (0855: Dulovo, 0857: Tutrakan)
086 Silistra
087 GSM/UMTS mobile network Vivacom (7D)
088 GSM/UMTS mobile network MTel (7D)
089 GSM/UMTS mobile network Globul (7D)
0900 Value added services (5D)
091x, 091xx and 091xxx Vratsa Province codes (0910: Mezdra, 0915: Byala Slatina)
092 Vratsa
093x, 093xx and 093xxx Vidin Province codes (0936: Belogradchik, 0938: Kula)
094 Vidin
095x, 095xx and 095xxx Montana Province codes (0953: Berkovitsa)
096 Montana
097x, 095xx and 095xxx Vratsa Province codes (0971: Lom, 0973: Kozloduy)
098 MVNOs on GSM/UMTS mobile network MTel (7D)
0999 MAX Telecom (WiMAX network)

Short codes

112 general emergency call
120 wake up call
121 operator for long-distance calls within Bulgaria
123 operator for international calls
124 operator for international calls
125 operator for international calls
130 phone lines problems
143 emergency road service & road assistance
144 telephone information service
146 emergency road service & road assistance
147 area codes within Bulgaria
148 area codes within Bulgaria
149 area codes within Bulgaria
150 medical emergency
152 BTC local calls rates
153 BTC long-distance within Bulgaria calls rates
154 BTC international calls rates
157 BTC international calls rates
159 cultural events guide
160 fire
164 shipping information (in Bourgas and Varna)
165 traffic police
166 police
167 horoscope
168 National Radio schedule
169 horoscope
170 BTC assistance
171 theater schedule (by city)
172 currency exchange rates
173 tales for kids
174 trains time-table (by city)
175 weather forecast
176 BTC information
177 tales for kids
178 pharmacy information
179 currency exchange rates
180 time service
181 TV programs
182 tramp shipping information (in Bourgas and Varna)
183 ocean shipping information (in Bourgas and Varna)
184 tanker shipping information (in Bourgas and Varna)
185 line shipping information (in Bourgas and Varna)
186 BTC digital services information
187 send a telegram
188 TV programs
190 BTC rates guide
191 cinema schedule (by city)
192 TV programs
193 TV programs
194 TV programs
195 sport news
196 sport lottery results
197 international dialing codes
198 BTC terms of payment
199 automatic telephone information guide

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