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Álava province

Álava (Basque: Araba and officially Álava-Araba) is a province of northern Spain in the southern part of the Basque Autonomous Community. The province numbers a population of 301,926 inhabitants (2006 official estimate) in an area of 2,963 km².

It is bordered by the provinces of Burgos, La Rioja, Navarre, Guipúzcoa, and Biscay. The Condado de Treviño is an enclave of province Burgos (Castile and León) surrounded by Alavese land, although strong population support advocates Treviño's attachment to the Basque Autonomous Community.

The vast majority of the population clusters in the capital city of Álava Vitoria-Gasteiz (Vitoria is the Spanish name, Gasteiz the Basque name), which also serves as the capital of the autonomous community. The remainder of the territory is largely countryside and crops dotted with sparse population nuclei distributed into seven counties (cuadrillas): Añana; Ayala; Campezo; Laguardia; Salvatierra; Vitoria-Gasteiz; Zuya. It also contains the municipality of Berganzo.

Lordship of Álava

List of rulers (original names):

  • Rodrigo c.867-870, count of Castile
  • Vela Jiménez 870-c.887
  • Munio Velaz c.887-c.921
  • Álvaro Herrameliz c.921-931, also count of Cerezo and Lantarón
  • Fernán González 931-970, also count of Castile, Álava feudatary of Castile until 1030
  • Munio González 1030-1043
  • Fortunio Íñiguez 1043-1046
  • Munio Muñoz (co-lord) 1046-1060, Álava feudatary of Navarre, 1046-1085
  • Sancho Maceratiz (co-lord) 1046-1060
  • Ramiro 1060-1075
  • Marcelo 1075-1085
  • Lope Íñiguez 1085-?, Álava feudatary of Castile until 1123
  • Lope Díaz the White ?-1093
  • Lope González 1093-1099
  • Lope Sánchez 1099-1114
  • Diego López I 1114-1123
  • Ladrón Íñiguez 1123-1158, Álava feudatary of Navarre until 1199
  • Vela Ladrón 1158-1175
  • Juan Velaz 1175-1181
  • Diego López II 1181-1187
  • Íñigo de Oriz 1187-1199
  • Diego López de Haro I 1199-1214, Álava feudatary of Castile until personal union of 1332
  • Lope Diaz de Haro I 1214-1240
  • Nuño González de Lara 1240-1252
  • Diego López de Haro II 1252-1274
  • Fernando de la Cerda 1274-1280
  • Lope Díaz de Haro II 1280-1288
  • Juan Alonso de Haro 1288-1310
  • Diego López de Salcedo 1310-1332

The title is attributed to the Castilian kings after 1332.

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Coordinates: 42°50.67′N 2°45.62′W / 42.8445°N 2.76033°W / 42.8445; -2.76033

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