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The Hôtel de Vendôme, central building of Mines ParisTech

The École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris (also known as Mines ParisTech, École des Mines de Paris, ENSMP, Mines Paris or simply les Mines) was created in 1783 by King Louis XVI in order to train intelligent directors of mines. It is one of the most prominent French engineering schools, a generalist school, one of the Grandes écoles and a prestigious member of ParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology).

Despite its small size (fewer than 120 students accepted each year), it is a crucial part of the infrastructure of French industry.



Mines ParisTech
Established 1783
Type Grandes Ecoles
Location Paris, France
Campus Paris, Fontainebleau, Évry, Sophia-Antipolis
Affiliations ParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology), Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
Website [1], [2]
A classroom during the nineteenth century

Created by a decree of the King's Counsel on March 19th 1783, the first school of mines was located in the Hôtel de la Monnaie, in Paris.

This school disappeared at the beginning of the French revolution but was re-established by a decree of the Committee of Public Safety in 1794, the 13th messidor year II. It moved to Savoie, after a decree of the consuls the 23rd pluviôse year X (1802)

After the Bourbon Restoration in 1814, the school moved to the Hôtel de Vendôme (all along the Jardin du Luxembourg in the 6th arrondissement of Paris). From the sixties it also has annexes in Fontainebleau, Évry and Sophia-Antipolis (Nice).


Its former vocation to train mining engineers evolved in the course of time, because of technological progress and transformations of society. The École des Mines de Paris has become nowadays a "generalist" school, with a broad variety of disciplines. Its students are for the most part supposed to have management position in industrial companies and receive a good training not only in technical fields but also in economics and social sciences (e.g. a sociology of science course by Bruno Latour).



Mines ParisTech provides different educational paths:

  • The education for Civil Engineers of Mines, ranked among the three best French Grande Ecoles diplomas.
  • The education for the Corps of Mines, greatest technical corps of the French state. It is an honorific third cycle education, lasting for three years, and consisting mainly in long-term internships both in public and private economical institutions.
  • Doctoral and Master studies in various fields.

Admission for French and International students

  • For French nationals, admission to Civil Engineer of Mines is decided through competitive examination at the end of preparatory classes, a highly selective system.

Famous alumni

With only fewer than 120 graduates each year, Mines Paris Tech's alumni is:




Research centres

Energy, material science

Applied math and computer science

Geology and environmental sciences

Economics and social sciences

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