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Øre (pronounced UH-reh) is the one-hundredth subdivision of the Norwegian krone, Danish krone, Swedish krona and Icelandic króna currency units. Øre is the Norwegian and Danish spelling, whereas in Swedish it is spelt öre, in the Faroese oyra (plural oyru(r)) and in Icelandic eyrir (plural aurar). The plural and singular forms are the same in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Since 1993, the only Norwegian coin in use with a nominal value below 1 NOK is the 50 øre coin. (The 10 øre coin was announced deprecated at 23 February 1992 and deemed obsolete one year after that.) See the article about the Norwegian krone for more information.

Since 1989, the two Danish coins in use with a nominal value below 1 DKK are the 50 øre and 25 øre coins. The latter, however, has been abolished as legal tender as of 1 October 2008.[1] See the article about the Danish krone for more information. As of 1 October 2003, Icelandic banks no longer accept the 5, 10 and 50 aurar coins.

The name derives from the Latin aureus (gold)[2], the name of a coin worth 25 denarii.


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