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Ú or ú (U with acute) is a Latin letter used in the the Czech, Faroese, Hungarian, Icelandic, and Slovak writing systems. This letter also appears in Dutch, Irish, Occitan, Pinyin, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese as a variant of the letter "U".



Ú/ú is the 34th letter of the Czech alphabet, and represents a /uː/ sound, and can only appear as the first letter of the word (except the compounded words, such as "trojúhelník - triangle, it is compounded of two words - "troj" which means tri and "úhel" which means angle).


Ú/ú is the 24th letter of the Faroese alphabet, and may represent the following sounds:

  • Short [ʏ] in such words as krúss [kɹʏsː] ("mug", "coffee cup")
  • Short [ɪ] before /gv/ in such words as kúgv [kɪgv] ("cow"), but also in brúdleyp [bɹɪdlɛip] ("bridal")
  • Long [ʉu] diphthong in úti [ʉuːtɪ] ("out"), hús [hʉuːs] ("house"), [jʉuː] ("but"),


Ú/ú is the 36th letter of the Hungarian alphabet, and represents a /uː/ sound.


Ú/ú is the 25th letter of the Icelandic alphabet, and represents a /u/ sound.


In Pinyin (Mandarin Chinese transliterated to Latin), Ú/ú represents a "U" vowel sound of the second (rising) tone.


Ú/ú is the 39th letter of the Slovak alphabet, and represents a /uː/ sound.


Computer systems may represent Ú/ú in the following ways:

Literal Unicode HTML entity UTF-8
Hex Decimal Named
Ú U+00DA Ú Ð Ú \xC3\xBA
ú U+00FA ú ð ú \xC3\x9A

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U (lowercase u) is the twenty-first (number 21) letter in the English alphabet.

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