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For A. E. van Vogt's novel, see The World of Null-A.
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Ā, lowercase ā, is a grapheme, a Latin A with a macron, is used in several orthographies.

In the Latvian alphabet, Ā represents a distinct vowel and comes after A and before B in alphabetical order: for instance baznīca comes before bārda in a Latvian dictionary. It is considered as a separate letter in the Latvian alphabet. Ā is used to denote a long A in Latvian.

In some languages Ā is used to denote a long A. Examples are the Polynesian languages, including Māori, some romanizations of Japanese (rōmaji) and Arabic, and some Latin texts (especially for learners). It is used in some orthography-based transcriptions of English to represent the diphthong [eɪ] ([eː] in some dialects), and also in commercial names such as Drāno and Powerāde.

In the International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration, Ā represents the open back unrounded vowel, आ, not to be confused with the similar Devanagari character for the mid central vowel, अ.

In all these languages, Ā is sorted with other As and is not considered a separate letter. The macron is only considered when sorting words that are otherwise identical. For example, in Māori, tāu (meaning your) comes after tau (meaning year), but before taumata (hill).


In Unicode, Ā is code 256 (hex 100) and ā is code 257 (hex 101). These are the first codes that come after the initial ISO-8859-1 subset of Unicode.

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Letter A with diacritics
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Variations of letter A
Letters using macron sign or underline sign

Āā Ǟǟ Ēē Ḡḡ Īī Ōō Ūū Ȳȳ Ǣǣ


Ā upper case (lower case ā)

  1. The letter A with a macron.

Simple English

This page is about the first letter in the alphabet.
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The Latin alphabet
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A is the first letter of the English alphabet. a is a usual symbol for a low central vowel, as in "father"; the English long a (ā) is pronounced as a diphthong of ĕ and y. The corresponding letter of the Greek alphabet is named alpha. Alpha and omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolize the beginning and the end. In musical notation the letter A is the symbol of a note in the scale, below B and above G.

  • A is the letter that was formerly used to represent a team in an old TV show, The A Team.
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