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The Latin script
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Variations of letter A
Letters using macron sign or underline sign

Āā Ǟǟ Ēē Ḡḡ Īī Ōō Ūū Ȳȳ Ǣǣ


ā lower case (upper case Ā)

  1. The letter a with a macron.



ā (hiragana ああ)

  1. in that (other) manner, in that other way

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Japanese demonstratives (edit)
ko- so- a- do-
Kind んな んな んな んな
Place そこ*
Direction ちら ちら ちら ちら
* irregular


ā (hiragana ああ)

  1. ああ: oh!, ah Ah!




ā (Pinyin, traditional and simplified )

  1. (Beginning Mandarin) ah; oh

Usage notes

  • placed at the end of a sentence, or used by itself to express surprise.


ā (Pinyin, traditional , simplified )

  1. actinium


ā (form of a1 with diacritic)

  1. : (used in translation)
  2. : to salt, to pickle; to be dirty
  3. : prefix in names; transliteration of /a/


  • Shao, Jingmin (ed.) (2000). HSK Dictionary (HSK汉语水平考试词典) (in Mandarin/English). Shanghai: Huadong Teachers College Publishers. ISBN 7561720785.

Simple English

This page is about the first letter in the alphabet.
For the indefinite article, see Article (grammar).
For other uses of A, see A (disambiguation)
The Latin alphabet
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A is the first letter of the English alphabet. a is a usual symbol for a low central vowel, as in "father"; the English long a (ā) is pronounced as a diphthong of ĕ and y. The corresponding letter of the Greek alphabet is named alpha. Alpha and omega, the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolize the beginning and the end. In musical notation the letter A is the symbol of a note in the scale, below B and above G.

  • A is the letter that was formerly used to represent a team in an old TV show, The A Team.
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