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České dráhy
Type Public
Founded Prague (2003)
Headquarters Prague, Czech Republic
Industry Railway company
Revenue 48,051 mil CZK (2006)[1]
Operating income -527 mil CZK (2006)[1]
Net income -449 mil CZK (2006)[1]
Employees 60,594 (2006)
České dráhy
Locale Czech Republic Czech Republic
Dates of operation 1993–present
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8+12 in) (standard gauge), 760 mm (2 ft 5+78 in)
Headquarters Prague
Czech motorized regional unit - Regionova

České dráhy or Czech Railways (ČD or CD) is the main railway operator of the Czech Republic and provides passenger (till 30 November 2007 also freight) service via state owned rail tracks. It is a significant company in international railway transport and a member of important European and world institutions, e.g. the International Railway Union, Community of European Railways and the Organization for Railways Cooperation (Asia and Europe).

The company was established in 1993, after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia as a successor of the Czechoslovak State Railways.

Until 1 July 2008, České dráhy was the biggest employer in the Czech Republic[2]. After experiencing regular losses and requiring government subsidies[citation needed], the railway reported its first ever profit in 2007.[3] Attempts to make it more efficient are currently ongoing and a recent plan to move passenger transport to an independent subsidiary was approved by the Czech government in January 2008.[4]


Statistics (2006)

  • 9,496 km of railway lines; 3,041 km electrificated (32%); 1,851 km double - and multiple-track
  • 6,697 bridges
  • 154 tunnels
  • 180.939 mil passengers carried
  • 6,887 mil passenger kilometer
  • 89.621 mil tones of goods carried
  • 16,445 mil tonne-kilometre


České dráhy is the result of more than 160 years of railway history in Bohemia. Historic milestones include:

  • 1828: first horse drawn railway in Europe: České Budějovice - Linz
  • 1839: first steam hauled railway: Vienna - Břeclav
  • 1903: first standard gauge electrified railway track
  • 1918: foundation of Československé státní dráhy (ČSD or CSD) (English: Czechoslovak state railways)
  • 1991: first EuroCity (EC) trains run on ČSD railways
  • 1993: foundation of České dráhy (ČD or CD) after break up of Czechoslovakia
  • 1993: started renovation of backbone railways corridors
  • 1994: started truck transportation ("RoLa") on ČD railways: Lovosice - Dresden (stopped in 2004)
  • 2003: founding of České dráhy (Czech Railways), joint stock company[5]
  • 2005: tilting train Pendolino in regular service
  • 2007: freight transport moved into subsidiary company ČD Cargo
  • 2008: creation of CD Sky alliance between České dráhy and airline Sky Europe[6]. Heavily indebted SkyEurope went bust in August 2009.

Rail links to adjacent countries

  • Same gauge

Freight services

ČD Cargo division is mainly focused on raw materials, intermediate goods and containers transport. Products transport is few flexible and competitive. Nevertheless ČD is fifth largest railway cargo operator in Europe.

Rolling stock

  • 3,059 locomotives (electric - 925, motorized - 1,130, electric motorized units - 113)
  • 33,354 freight cars
  • 4,274 passenger cars

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