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Ğ, or ğ, is a letter, known as g-breve in English, used in the Turkish, Azerbaijani, Berber, Crimean Tatar and Tatar languages. The unicode code point is U+011E for the capital letter and U+011F for the small letter.


Turkish use

In Turkish, the ğ is known as yumuşak ge 'soft g' and is the ninth letter of the Turkish alphabet. When articulated it sounds similar to a soft guttural r, or otherwise may just lengthen the preceding vowel, which normally does not appear in Turkish when the ğ is absent. For example, dağ (mountain) is pronounced like [da:], yağ (oil) is pronounced like [ja:]. The ğ must be located after a vowel and can therefore not be the initial letter of a word. When found after the vowels e or i, the ğ is pronounced like—but not same as—[j], and after o, ö, u, or ü, it adds a w-glide. Also when found between two vowels, it is sometimes pronounced like -but not same as- [j]'. Sometimes g is used incorrectly. In rare cases, the phonetic ɣ (gamma) or the Greek letter γ is used. Some webpages may also use Ð and ð due to improper encoding; see Turkish characters for the reasons of this.

Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar and Tatar use

In Azerbaijani, Crimean Tatar and Tatar, ğ is pronounced gh ([ʁ]), a voiced uvular fricative. The Ğ is used as an initial letter in Crimean Tatar and Tatar only. For example, Ğabdulla is the Tatar way of writing the Arabic name ʿAbdullah. (In the Tatar language, the Arabic letters ʿayn (ع) and ghayn (غ) were both borrowed as ğ.)

Ğ in words

Turkish Reading in English Meaning in English
dağ dagh mountain
ağaç ughach tree
kuğu qughu swan
boğaz baughaz strait
fotoğraf photoghraph photograph

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Ğ upper case (lower case ğ)

  1. The letter G with a breve.



Ğ (upper case, lower case ğ)

  1. The 10th letter of the Azeri alphabet, preceded by g and followed by h, and representing /ɣ/.



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Particularly: “how/why was this particular diacritic chosen for Turkish "غ"?”


Ğ (upper case, lower case ğ)

  1. The 9th letter of the Turkish alphabet, preceded by g and followed by h, for pronunciation see [1]

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G is the 7th (number 7) letter in the English alphabet.

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