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The letter combination IJ is:

  • the ligature of the letters I and J. In Dutch it usually represents the diphthong [ɛi], and is sometimes considered be to be a single letter: see IJ (digraph).

When used to represent this digraph, IJ can stand for:

  • IJ (bay), a body of water near Amsterdam, Netherlands

As an abbreviation, IJ can stand for:

As a code, IJ can be:

  • ij is a Java tool for interacting with ODBC databases.

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The Universal Character Set
Latin Extended-A U+0133




ij lower case (upper case IJ)

  1. A ligature, alternative spelling of the digraph ij.

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Variations of letter I

Íí Ìì Ĭĭ Îî Ǐǐ Ïï Ḯḯ Ĩĩ Įį Īī Ỉỉ Ȉȉ Ȋȋ Ḭḭ Ɨɨ İi Iı ɪ IJij IJij

Variations of letter J

Ĵĵ Ɉɉ J̌ǰ ȷ ʝ ɟ ʄ IJij IJij LJLjlj LJLjlj NJNjnj NJNjnj

Letter combinations



  • IPA: /ɛi/, SAMPA: /Ei/ (ijs), /@/ (-lijk)


IJ ij

  1. A ligature in Dutch that is not officially part of the Dutch alphabet; however, it is capitalized as if it were one.

Usage notes

  • In typing, the combination of i and j is commonly used. In handwriting, it is mostly written as ÿ.
  • Being a single letter, ij has to be capitalized as IJ. For example: IJmuiden.
  • Dutch dictionaries sort ij as the combination of i and j, while Dutch phonebooks sort ij together with y.
  • In certain dialects, the sound ij has retained its original long /i:/ pronunciation. Compare wijf and wief.

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