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Łucznik Arms Factory (Polish: Fabryka Broni Łucznik, also known as Fabryka Broni Radom or Zakłady Mechaniczne "Łucznik") is a Polish enterprise from Radom that produces arms. In the past it used to produce non-military equipment, most notably sewing machines and typewriters, but those branches were deemed unprofitable and were dropped in 2000.



The company was originally founded in the Second Polish Republic to produce arms for the new Polish Army; it began production in 1927.

During World War II it was captured and operated by the Germans.

After World War II the factory was renamed: Zakłady Metalowe im. gen. "Waltera" (General Walter's Mechanical Works). In 1990 the factory returned to its old name Zakłady Metalowe "Łucznik" (Mechanical Works Łucznik), "łucznik" meaning 'archer'. It became a state-owned company (S.A.). On 13 November 2000 the company was declared bankrupt, however, on 30 June 2000 a company Fabryka Broni "Łucznik" - Radom (Arms Factory Łucznik - Radom) was created by ZM Łucznik and the Industry Development Agency, which took over arms production.[1]


Its currents products include (in alphabetical order):

Its past products included (by date of start of production):
Gewehr 98 spinoffs

Soviet licensed weapons:

Polish designed weapons


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