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Żagiew (the Torch, known in Polish as Żydowska Gwardia Wolności) was a collaborationist Jewish organisation in German Nazi-occupied Warsaw, founded by the Germans in February 1943, during World War II at the beginning of the Jewish uprising.[1] Its primary goal was to infiltrate the Jewish resistance and reveal its connections with the Polish underground aiding and hiding Jews in Nazi German controlled General Gouvernement. The organization was able to inflict considerable damage on both fronts.[2] Many Żagiew members were related to the Group 13. The Nazis had over a thousand Jewish Gestapo agents in the organization.[3] They were permitted by the Gestapo to possess and bear firearms.

Żagiew agents were instrumental in organizing the Hotel Polski affair in Warsaw. The organization operated primarily within the Warsaw ghetto and most of its members were killed during Warsaw Ghetto Uprising by members of the Jewish resistance (ŻOB).


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