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Open o (majuscule: Ɔ, minuscule: ɔ) is a letter of the extended Latin alphabet. In the International Phonetic Alphabet, it represents the open-mid back rounded vowel. It is used in the orthographies of many African languages using the African reference alphabet.



This character doesn’t exist in ASCII.


In Unicode, the majuscule Ɔ is encoded in the Latin Extended-B block at U+0186 and the minuscule ɔ is encoded at U+0254.

In some Windows programs, the lower case ɔ can be typed by pressing Alt + 596 and the capital Ɔ, by pressing Alt + 390.

Similar letters

Johann Martin Schleyer proposed an alternate form with a broken O for Ö in Volapük but it was rarely used.
The first of these Claudian letters is the antisigma.

The letter looks like a reversed C. Claudius introduced a reversed C (the antisigma) with the intention of replacing bs and ps.

The Yucatec Maya language used a reversed C as a consonant in the orthography of the Colonial period. Now dz or tz' is preferred.

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Ɔ ɔ

  1. A letter of the African reference alphabet, preceded by O and followed by P, and representing /ɔ/.



  1. A symbol of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), representing an open-mid back rounded vowel, called open o.

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