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From the root נ-ע-ל (n-`-l). The verb is in binyan pa'al.


נַעָל (ná'al) m.

  1. Shoe.

Usage notes

  • Unlike most nouns, נעל is very often used in the dual number.

Derived terms

  • נעל בית (ná'al báyit)
  • נעלי גולדה (ná'al gólda)
  • נעל התעמלות (ná'al hit'amlút)
  • נעל ספורט (ná'al sport)
  • נעלי עקב (ná'al akév)


נָעַל (na'ál)

  1. (transitive) To put on (a shoe, sandal, boot, etc.).
  2. (transitive) To wear (a shoe, sandal, boot, etc.).
  3. (transitive) To lock.
  4. (archaic, transitive) To close tight.

Derived terms

  • נעילה (n'ilá)

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