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"-" is the hyphen-minus (0x2D), which may also refer to:

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"-" is the hyphen-minus (0x2D), which may also refer to:

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Up to date as of January 15, 2010

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The Universal Character Set
Unicode name HYPHEN-MINUS
Basic Latin U+002D
See also , , , , and





  1. (hyphen)
  2. (minus sign)
  3. Any of the dashes: , , ,
  4. (chemistry) A single bond.

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( ( ) ) ( [ ] ) ( { } ) ( )

Usage notes

The multiple uses of this character was a compromise that made sense in the early days of fixed-width typewriters and computer displays but is considered to be ugly in proper typesetting. Nonetheless its usage persists as it is easy to enter on keyboards, well known, and at the same place in all common character sets.

Simple English

- is a symbol that can be called:

  • a dash, used in writing to show a pause or to explain something
  • a minus sign, used in mathematics to write a subtraction sum, or put just before a number to show that it is a negative number.
  • a hyphen, used in writing to show two words written as one or used at the end of a line to show that it is broken between two lines and continued in the next one.

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