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A glass and bottle of cherryade.

An ade is a beverage made from diluted fruit juice and sweetener, sometimes with carbonated water. An ade is generally a combination of fruit juice, sugar and water.

Ade is usually used as a suffix, as in lemonade, limeade, cherryade and orangeade.

Similar beverages that do not contain fruit juice have the suffix “aid”, like Kool-Aid.

Ade is also used as a suffix in several brand names, including Lucozade, Powerade, Accelerade, Staminade, Sporade and Gatorade, all of which are marketed as sports drinks. Lucozade was the first of these brands, which was first manufactured in 1927 under the name Glucozade.


In most of the world, lemonade and limeade are not carbonated. They are most often found carbonated in the British Isles and other parts of Europe. Carbonated lemonade is often sold in the United States as "French Lemonade".

Cherryade is a carbonated beverage.[1]

Orangeade, as it is called in the United Kingdom, is also carbonated, and for this reason it is referred to as "orange soft drink" in Australia and "orange soda" or "orange pop" in certain regions of the United States.


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From the Spanish -ado, from the Latin -ata, (feminine form of -atum used to create adjectives, nouns, and sometimes verbs from words ending in -a)



  1. Used to form nouns denoting action, or a person performing said action
  2. Indicating a drink made from a given fruit.

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  1. Used to form collectives; see -ad

Related terms




  1. -ad (in the names of units)


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