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.info -- Where the world goes for information
Introduced 2001
TLD type Generic top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Afilias
Sponsor None
Intended use Informational sites
Actual use A variety of uses, many information, some held by speculators
Registration restrictions None
Structure Registrations at second level permitted
Documents ICANN registry agreement
Dispute policies UDRP, Sunrise Challenge Policy (SCP), Challenges of Last Resort (CLR)

The domain name info is a generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet, The name is derived from information indicating that the domain is intended for informative Internet resources, although registration requirements do not prescribe any theme orientation.

The info TLD was a response to ICANN's highly publicized announcement, in late 2000, of a phased release of seven new generic top-level domains. The event was the first addition of major gTLDs since the Domain Name System was developed in the 1980s. The seven new gTLDs, selected from over 180 proposals, were meant in part to take the pressure off the com domain.

The info domain has been the most successful of the seven new domain names, with over 5.2 million domain names in the registry as of April 2008. In addition, over 1.6 million info websites are in active use with unique content. After the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York switched to the easier to remember website to lead users to latest information on schedules and route changes on the area's transportation services. ICANN and Afilias have also sealed an agreement for country names to be reserved by ICANN under resolution 01.92.[1]

Info is an unrestricted domain, meaning that anyone can obtain a second-level domain under info for any purpose, similar to the com, net or org domains. This is in contrast to TLDs such as edu or coop. Info is the only top-level domain that was explicitly created and chartered for unrestricted use, though various other TLDs became that way as a de facto situation. Info stands for information in about 37 languages, and is a neutral name.

Afilias, the registry operator of the both the info and aero top-level domains, has been aggressive in its marketing of the domain, with significant registrar incentives and outreach events.


The info domain has been operated by Afilias since its creation. In 2003, it was the first gTLD domain to support IETF standards-based internationalized domain names[2]. Registrations are processed via accredited registrars.

The launching of info involved a "Sunrise Period" for trademark owners, followed by a "landrush" open to all, the first time such a process had ever been conducted for a new gTLD. This process received criticism for giving trademarks precedence over words that are generic in other contexts; for instance, the Caterpillar construction equipment company was able to register before more generic users, such as feline enthusiasts, were allowed to register.

Although a large number of fraudulent registrations were initially made by registrants who didn't actually own a valid trademark, a challenge procedure later weeded out most of these.[3]

In a controversial move, prior to launch, the names of countries were reserved from registration at the request of ICANN, to the consternation of those who had paid pre-registration fees to attempt to register these names in the landrush. ICANN's Governmental Advisory Committee, composed of country representatives from around the world applauded the move, the first by any major domain to protect the alleged national interests of sovereign nations.


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Pronounced as "dot-IN-fo".



  1. (Internet) An Internet TLD.

Usage notes

This domain is intended for use for "informative" websites, although the issuing agency has not defined that term, and there are no formal restrictions on who can register a .info domain name.

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