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Introduced 1999
TLD type Reserved top-level domain
Status Reserved to prevent conflict and confusion
Registry IANA
Sponsor None
Intended use internal testing or for documentation
Actual use used by ICANN in IDN testing
Registration restrictions No registrations are possible
Structure Those using it for testing can use it in any desired structure
Documents RFC 2606
Dispute policies n/a
Website None

test is a name reserved by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC 2606 (June 1999) that is not intended to be installed as a top-level domain (TLD) in the global Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet for production use.[1]

Other reserved top-level domain names are invalid, localhost, and example.

The reasons for reservation of these top-level domain names is to reduce the likelihood of conflict and confusion.[1] This allows the use of these names for either documentation purposes or in local testing scenarios.

Testing of IDN domains

The top-level domain label test has been officially used for testing a series of internationalized domain name (IDN) TLDs created by ICANN in its IDN root zone evaluation program[2] initiated in October 2007. The domains used in this program are example.test, translated and transliterated into: Arabic, Persian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Yiddish, Japanese and Tamil. The evaluation is supported by a suite of fully localized wikis and can be accessed through a single IDN wiki gateway.[3]


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