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Introduced 2005
TLD type Sponsored top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Tralliance Registry Management Company
Sponsor The Travel Partnership Corporation
Intended use Travel industry
Actual use Roughly 200,000 travel-related sites are up in this domain as of 2009
Registration restrictions Registrants must be approved as being in the applicable community before registering domains
Structure Direct second-level registrations will be allowed; sale of third-level domains within a registered domain is expressly prohibited
Documents ICANN New sTLD RFP Application; ICANN Sponsorship Agreement; IANA delegation report
Dispute policies UDRP, Charter Eligibility Dispute Resolution Procedure (CEDRP)
Website; The Travel Partnership Corporation

The domain name travel is a top-level domain in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Its name suggests the intended and restricted use by travel agents, airlines, bed and breakfast operators, tourism bureaus, and others in the travel industry.

The domain was approved by ICANN on April 8, 2005 as a sponsored TLD in the second group of new TLD applications evaluated in 2004. It is sponsored by Tralliance Registry Management Company (TRMC).

The official launch began in October 2005, with a screening process to determine eligibility to register domains in each of three monthly groups for October, November, and December. Open registrations began in January 2006.

Since its launch the travel domain has witnessed worldwide usage and recognition. Numerous travel destination, associations, and individuals have implemented resources in the domain as their main promotional vehicle.

Registrations are processed via accredited registrars.

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