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Channel "1+1"
Channel 1+1.svg
Type Broadcast television network
Country Ukraine
Availability National;
in North America as 1+1 International
Owner Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. (R.Louder)
Launch date 1996
Official Website

"1+1" (Ukrainian: один плюс один, liter.: "odyn pljus odyn") is a national Ukrainian-speaking TV channel. Currently it holds second place at Ukrainian TV Market, trailing only "Inter".



TV channel "1+1" was founded in August 1995, headed by its original President Oleksandr Rodnyanskyy who also was its general director from 1996 to 2002.[1] In 2002 he joined STS Media and since 2004 he is the president of that Delaware-registered Russian company.

It immediately became a major force in the Ukrainian TV industry, even though in the very beginning the channel's programming consisted solely of movie broadcasts. Its first broadcast was within two months of its founding, i.e. in September 1995, and since 1997 has been broadcasting continuously on the second channel of the Ukrainian National TV Network (UT-2) (Ukrainian: Другий загальнонаціональний канал (УТ-2), liter.: "Druhyj zagalnonatsionalnyj Kanal"), with an appropriate license of the Ukrainian National Television and Radio Council.

From the start, the channel was very successful, despite its initial limited programming. Until 2004 "1+1" broadcasted only for 15 hours. Its program schedule was from 7 AM until 10 AM, followed by a break for four hours, and then from 2 PM until 2AM. Beginning on 30 June 2004 the channel was given official permission to broadcast 24 hours each day. Since then, "1+1" has able to create a complete round-the-clock broadcast schedule.

Ownership and Staff

At the moment the company is fully owned by Central European Media Enterprises (CME) by 100%.[2]

  • General Director is Alexander Tkachenko.
  • Head of TV operations is Sergiy Demyanchuk.

Programming and current schedule

"1+1" was the first TV project in Ukraine to start actively inviting popular TV stars and other celebrities to take part in their live-shows. The following is a list of programmes currently being offered to "1+1" viewers:


Reporter from 1+1 reporting live outside the parliament in Tbilisi during the Russian-Georgian War 2008.

TELEVISION SERVICE OF NEWS (TSN) is a news service programme, which has been operating on the channel from the start, and even its presenters mainly remain the same. Such names as Ala Mazur (on TSN since January 3, 1997; in 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001 - was awarded the best news presenter of the year), Ljudmyla Dobrovolska, Oles Tereshenko and some others are very familiar to those who live in Ukraine, and according to the research, these people have got the highest level of trust between the news viewers. The TSN series come on the screens daily at 7:30 pm except Saturday. Oles Tereshenko leads the concluding TSN series of a day at 00:00 and a week as well every Sunday at 7:30 pm with the overview of political, social, and cultural life of Ukraine and the world. Due to the high level of professionalism, that the TSN has been providing for years, CNN offered "1+1" to take a part in its live broadcasting and now TSN especially is taking part in the news on CNN International in the project "World report".

No Taboo Created in September 2000 by Olga Gerasymiuk and Andriy Nesterenko, the programme has become unique in the way that it films real people who offer the presenters to show the incredible stories of their lives on TV. The people come to the studio, get filmed in front of the live audience, and tell their stories in public. No taboo means that there are no prohibitions on the topics, emotions, feelings or support. The main achievement of the programme is that the author Olga Gerasymiuk has been getting the positive feedback from the participants for years.

Cinema Document and Cinema Document Plus This time it’s an intellectual show, that consists of two parts. In the first one the leading persons Yuri Makarov and Anatoli Yarioma invite to their studio people, well known nationally in culture, art, and history and conduct conversations including live phone calls with questions from the screen audience. In the second part of the programme they show a Ukrainian documentary movie, which has an actual connection to present days.

I Think So A TV challenge - that is the format for the strongly opinionated only. Ana Bezulyk is the presenter and the creator of I thinks so. The programme started at the time of the Presidential election in Ukraine in 2004 and originally was meant to carry a political ring. Various political leaders were invited to the studio as opponents to each other without any preparation or knowledge of the programme's topics, but with the help of the live and phone audience they were lead into the discusions considering their various point of view and perspectives in the society. But since the end of elections, ‘‘‘I Think So has never stopped.

Breakfast with "1+1" and Breakfast Plus Working actively since 2002, the Breakfast is the early morning programme, offering to spend your morning with lots of fun and to start a good day. Its schedule always consisted of bright songs, cartoons, news series, as well as interesting guests in the studio. Originally, it was the Monday to Friday Breakfast, but since 2006 a weekend breakfast has been "cooked" as well, adding such activities to its "menu" as Fitness, Fashion Stuffs, Relax!, Don't sleep and travel, and many others. The programme offers an interactive part of its conduction on its website.



Except the sponsoring of various public and cultural projects, "1+1" takes part in filming as well. The channel and its employees have a big list of filmed movie, that had got a great success in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland etc. The list of these movies includes :

  • The New Year Musical "Metro"
  • Holiday comedy "The New Year Killer"
  • TV series "Critical state"
  • Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko in the film "Brothers by blood"
  • Comedy TV series "My wonderful family"
  • TV series "Bourgeois's birthday"
  • TV series "Bourgeois's birthday – 2"
  • Mystical thriller "Better not to know"
  • Documentary "Great Starvation"
  • Fyodor Bondarchuk's "The 9th Company"

Social Projects

There are no children without parents – the joint project of "1+1", Family and Youth Ministry and the Center of Child Adoption.

Last myth – discussion – Victor Suvorov's discussion of the historical events presented in the documentary investigation "Last myth"

Political Projects

  • Election 2006. TV-marathon - the election race during the long-term TV-marathon on March 26-27, 2006
  • 2006 Elections. TV Debates - live TV debates for parties and political coalitions
  • Debates 2002 – election run up coverage
  • Five by Five – election run up coverage
  • The Night of Choice – coverage of presidential electoral campaign in Ukraine on the night of October 31/November 1 and November 14/15 1999.
  • Space bridges – live space bridges with the most popular in their countries TV channels GRT (Russia) and POLSAT (Poland)
  • Dialogues with democracy – the meeting of the US Secretary of State Madlen Albright with the Ukrainian youth on air of "1+1"
  • US President Bill Clinton address to the Ukrainian people
  • Big race – the first and unique experience of satirical coverage of current political life of Ukraine on the Ukrainian TV.

TV Projects on "1+1"

The Brainiest - a true intellectual combat competition for children up to 18, where children show their knowledge in various frankly and openly by giving answers to several hundreds of intricate questions from various areas of knowledge.

Hercules Games - a competition for those, who are able to carry 120-kilogram barrels or a car, push 100- kilogram blocks, and squat with a 200-kilogram platform with rocks. It's the way of entertainment in the extreme and unique show "Hercules Games" with the participation of the Ukrainian super athletes, who have already become the winners several times. Concurrently with the competition shows strong men carry out the activity for Guinness World Records.

Awards and recognition

The brand of the channel has become a traditional sign of quality in Ukrainian TV industry. That's why, during the years of its existence, the company's work and separate presenters have been recognized and highly evaluated not only by national specialists and experts in TV production, but as well by many international experts and at TV forums.

  • Mr. Rodnyansky is a winner of over 20 international cinema festivals like NICE (the best movie in CIS, twice) and "FELIX" (the European Cinema Academy nominee).
  • "You are not alone" social project was rewarded for the original content and philosophical understanding of the Ukrainian culture in the context of the world culture.
  • 2006 - design department won the first prizes of Promax and BDA international associations which unite design and promotion specialists of the whole world. Silver - "The New Year Masquerade" in the category "Holiday Image Campaign".
  • 2005 - The Omni intermedia Awards: silver – "Poor Nastia", TV series titles
  • 2002 – National Ukrainian TV and radio broadcasting council award.
  • 2000 – third prize at "Anigraph" festival.
  • 1997, 1998 - "Golden Era", the Ukrainian annual television competition first prize won by the "1+1" programs.
  • 1998 - "1+1" was chosen the best TV company at the Fourth Ukrainian Festival of Journalism according to the national poll. The authors and presenters of "1+1" programs became the first and the brightest stars of the Ukrainian television. Olga Gerasimyuk, Yuriy Makarov, Alla Mazur, Lyudmila Dobrovolska, Oles Tereshchenko, Sergiy Polkhovskiy, Yevgen Zinchenko, Anna Bezulik, Anatoliy Borsuk and Olga Sumska were nominated and became winners of multiple TV forums, competitions and festivals.
  • 1997 - Channel "1+1" was chosen the best TV station and received the prizes at the Ukrainian national programs "Person of the Year" and "Fortune Wheel".


In 1999, after "1+1" has been broadcasting on UT-2 24h per day for two years with an appropriate license, the channel sent a claim to the Supreme Court of Ukraine requesting the TV company AITI, who used to hire UT-2 9h broadcasting time earlier before, to give up its license as it had stopped its programming for a year. In the year 2000 the claim was decided for the "1+1" preference.

Channel "1+1" has been subject to continuing criticism during the 2004 presidential election, when it was heavily criticized for twisting information in favor of Viktor Yanukovych (Prime Minister of Ukraine at that time). Such behavior was typical for a Ukrainian-wide channel, because all of the media were under heavy pressure from the Administration of the President of President Kuchma, further more critics accused the channel of being part of the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united)-empire[3][4]. In late November 2004 several journalists had left channel to express a protest against this pressure, and almost all leading presenters had refused to report news. Those actions altogether with similar actions on other channels have marked the beginning of Orange revolution

In October 2006 O.Rodnyanskyy, the General Producer of Studio "1+1", won a hard appeal process in The Supreme Court of Ukraine, after the court gave ownership of 70% of the company's shares to Mr. O.Kolomyyskyy, as the last has claimed, that in June 2005 there has been an agreement signed between him and Mr. Rodnyanskyy, that 70% of the company's shares were sold to Mr. Kolomyyskyy (for ~70 mln USD).

1+1 International

1plus1 international.jpg

1+1 International, the international version of "1+1" TV channel started broadcasting in March 2006. It is targeted towards Ukrainian people living in the USA and Canada as well as Europe. 1+1 International broadcasted on a 24 hour schedule and was run by Anatoliy Yerema, the general producer and chief director. It was available in North America via DirecTV and GlobeCast World TV in the USA and on Aurora Cable in Canada via an agreement with broadcaster Ethnic Channels Group.

In the fall of 2008 the channel was removed from the lineup of DirecTV & GlobeCast World TV and the Canadian edition of 1+1 International, owned by Ethnic Channels Group, was rebranded TONIS. According to the 1+1 website, 1+1 International will be available in North America in 2009 via IPTV provider ConnecTV[5].

The programming of 1+1 International will be composed of TSN (Television News Service) production live from Kyiv and the best author programs of "1+1" production: cultural projects "Document" , "Telemania" , "Svoye Kino" , "Proty Nochi", "Monology" , "Ostannya Barykada" , talk show "Tabu" , "Bez Tabu" , documentary films and popular TV series produced by "1+1", such as "Den Narodjennya Burjuya" (The Bourgeois Birth Day) and "Ukradene Shchastya" (Stolen Happiness), etc.

The start of the special project "WEB Cam" is planned to fill the technical broadcasting intervals and show the central square of Kiev's Maidan Nezalezhnosti, and further – other cities.

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