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Jordana LeSesne

Background information
Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Genres Drum and Bass
Occupations Producer
Years active 1995-present

1.8.7 (a pseudonym for Jordana LeSesne) – b. Pittsburgh, Penn., USA – became one of the United States' first major Drum and Bass producers.[1] With the release of over 50 tracks which includes three full length albums (When Worlds Collide, Quality Rolls and The Cities Collection), several EP's, and many remixes under the alias "1.8.7", she has proven herself a producer. Several of her tracks have appeared as videos on MTV Amp as well as MTV Europe. She has also licensed tracks for numerous compilations as well as the Sci Fi Channel. Many of her tracks became favorites amongst U.S. and Canadian college radio DJs and this led to both her albums charting in the Top 25 of both the CMJ (College Music Journal) and Mixmag U.S. (later Mixer Magazine, now defunct) for 1997 as well as 1998. Her works have been reviewed by the likes of Spin, Rolling Stone, Urb, Mixer, Mixmag, Raygun, CMJ[2], and Vibe as well as Knowledge - the U.K. Drum and Bass magazine. In fact she has even been interviewed by many of the above.

In addition to production 1.8.7 has also been a DJ. Over the course of the years she captured an audience far and wide by spinning what she describes as "Driving Drum 'n Bass". So much so that in 1999 she was cited as one of the 100 most influential International DJ's in Raygun magazine's "International Who's Who of DJs".[3]

After spinning all over the U.S. in 1998, headlining the main rooms and main stages at many events she was asked to join the Kung-Fu/Knowledge (magazine) tour which consisted of 30 cities in North America, the largest ever Drum and Bass tour in North America. Uniquely she was known to play sets of only dubplates.

Technorganic Records showcase party with MC Collaborator

In 2001-2002 Jordana worked alongside the legends of pirate radio at Flex FM as Lady J. It was at Flex FM that Jordana collaborated with and helped to promote a then aspiring Lady Sovereign. [4]

LeSesne is one of the few Drum 'n Bass producers who has become somewhat successful on a mainstream level yet still has maintained a very strong underground following of Drum and Bass fanatics. [5]

Currently, LeSesne resides in Seattle and is working on projects outside of the genre that made her famous.[6] She is also the 1st cousin once removed of the late Tupac Shakur[7]


Selected discography


  • 1995 Blondie Atomic (The Beautiful Drum and Bass Mix) VV58320 Chrysalis Records/EMI
  • 1996 RockStone Foundation Dis Soun JS007 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 V/A - Nirvana EP We Are Not Alone JS114 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 Soul Slinger-Don't Believe Abducted 187 Remix JS118 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 Soul Slinger-Don't Believe Ethiopia/JungleSky JS118 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 1.8.7 -When Worlds Collide EP1 *all* JS121 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 1.8.7 -When Worlds Collide EP2 *all* JS122 Jungle Sky
  • 1998 Rock N Roll EP Disc 1 *all* JS131 Jungle Sky
  • 1998 Rock N Roll EP Disc 2 *all* JS132
  • 1998 1.8.7 - Quality Rolls EP1
  • 1998 1.8.7 - Quality Rolls EP2
  • 1998 1.8.7 - Quality Rolls EP3
  • 1998 Beastie Boys - Sabotage (1.8.7 JS Remix)
  • 1999 Stardust - Music Sounds Better.. [With Bass] (Jordana JS remix)
  • 1999 Jordana - Cities Collection 12" 1
  • 1999 Jordana - Cities Collection 12" 2
  • 1999 Jordana - Cities Collection 12" 3
  • 1999 Jordana - Cities Collection 12" 4
  • 2000 Loki and Jordana - Murder 12"
  • 2001 Jordana - Tampa Tantrum/In Your Arms 12" (Technorganic 007)
  • 2001 Jiggy J and Lady Sovereign - The Intro 12" (Flex FM)
  • 2002 Jordana - Full Colour 12" 1
  • 2002 Jordana - Full Colour 12" 2

CD releases

  • 1994 V/A - Interstellar Outback Jungleman ROM01 RomHyperMedia
  • 1995 V/A - Ravestock CD Ravestock Anthem ------ Drop Records
  • 1996 V/A - This Is Jungle Sky Vol2 Dis Soun JS008 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 V/A - This is Jungle Sky Vol4 We Are Not Alone JS116 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 V/A - New York Junglist We Are Not Alone AVCD11540 Avex Trax
  • 1997 Soul Slinger-Don't Believe CD Abducted 187 Remix JS120 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 Soul Slinger-Don't Believe CD Ethiopia/JungleSky JS120 Jungle Sky
  • 1997 1.8.7 - When Worlds Collide CD full length album JS124 Jungle Sky
  • 1998 V/A - This is Jungle Sky Vol5 various JS130 Jungle Sky
  • 1998 V/A - Nu Balance: Domesticated Drum & Bass
  • 1998 V/A - 5am Rinse COA70016-2 City Of Angels
  • 1998 V/A - This is Sci-Fi (SciFi Channel/Jungle Sky)
  • 1998 1.8.7 - Quality Rolls CD full length album
  • 1999 Jordana - The Cities Collection CD full length album (Jungle Sky)
  • 2002 Jordana - Full Colour Avex Trax (Limited Release)
  • 2005 Jordana - Jordana EP CD (Technorganic)


  • Defcon 1 1998 Directed by MSKW1 aka Michael Whartnaby and DBIDWA aka Dan Bidwa
  • Worlds Apart 1998 Directed by Gerard Ryan
  • Atmosphere 1998 Directed by Gerard Ryan
  • Ring Me Back 2002 Directed by Trevor McKinley


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