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100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd
Format Family
Created by Mitchel Katlin
Nat Bernstein
Starring Jason Dohring
Brenda Song
Seth Green
Jason Hervey
Brandon Gilberstadt
Richard Moll
Morgan Kibby
William Francis McGuire
Catherine MacNeal
Melanee Murray
Danny Tamberelli
Joe Piscopo
Diane Delano
Josh Hammond
Julie Michaels
David Lander
Country of origin  United States
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 40
Executive producer(s) Thomas W. Lynch
Location(s) filmed in Azusa, California,
Los Angeles, California,
Sierra Madre, California,
Thousand Oaks, California
Camera setup single camera
Running time 30 min.
Original channel Nickelodeon
Original run October 16, 1999 – April 21, 2002

100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd is a television program that ran from 1999 to 2002 on Nickelodeon.



The show's premise is that the title character, schoolyard bully Eddie McDowd, is punished by a man called The Drifter because of Eddie's behavior. The 17 year old finds himself very attractive and powerful and so he bullies others without mercy. The Drifter plans to make Eddie pay for his wrongdoings and turns the boy into an Australian Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix and has Eddie do 100 good deeds before he can be turned back into a human. Besides The Drifter, the only one who can hear Eddie talk is Justin Taylor, who was the last kid Eddie bullied. Now Eddie must work alongside Justin and the Taylor family to finish his good deeds and become human once again. It is explained by The Drifter in a later episode that should this happen, neither Justin nor Eddie will outright remember their experiences (though Eddie will still be a better person for it).


Character Actor
Eddie McDowd (human form) Jason Dohring
Sariffa Chung Brenda Song
Eddie McDowd (dog form) Rowdy
Eddie McDowd (voice) Seth Green (season one)
Jason Hervey (season two)
Justin Taylor Brandon Gilberstadt
The Drifter Richard Moll
Gwen Taylor Morgan Kibby (season one)
Doug Taylor William Francis McGuire
Lisa Taylor Catherine MacNeal
Tori Melanee Murray (season two)
Spike Cipriano Danny Tamberelli
Salli (voice) Joe Piscopo
Brenda May Diane Delano
Flaco Josh Hammond
Agt. Elizabeth Marcus Julie Michaels


The show was cancelled in the United States due to declining ratings in the spring of 2002 after only 40 episodes, with Eddie still a dog and sixty-odd deeds left to do. However, the show was such a hit in Europe that it was released on



Season One (1999-2000)

# Title Airdate
1 "Tagged" (Pilot) October 16, 1999
2 "Dog Gone" October 23, 1999
3 "Dog Day Out" October 26, 1999
4 "All Howls Eve" October 29, 1999
5 "Slam Punk" November 13, 1999
6 "Cheaters Sometimes Prosper" November 20, 1999
7 "Mutts and Robbers" December 18, 1999
8 "Dog Years" December 31, 1999
9 "Puppy Love" January 22, 2000
10 "The Students Are Revolting" January 29, 2000
11 "False Hero" February 5, 2000
12 "A Dog's Life" February 12, 2000
13 "Return of Gigi" February 12, 2000
14 "Meet the New Boss" February 19, 2000
15 "Lie Like a Dog" February 26, 2000
16 "April Fools" April 1, 2000
17 "Good Cop, Bad Dog" October 8, 2000
18 "Big Dog" October 15, 2000
19 Fur Better or Worse October 22, 2000
20 A Very Canine Christmas December 5, 2000

Season Two (2001)

# Title Airdate
21 "Homeward Hound, Part 1" January 27, 2001
22 "Homeward Hound, Part 2" January 27, 2001
23 "Personal Trainer" February 3, 2001
24 "Eddie Loves Tori" February 10, 2001
25 "A Star is Born" February 17, 2001
26 "Matchmaking Mutt" February 24, 2001
27 "So Shoe Me" March 3, 2001
28 "Sick as a Dog" March 10, 2001
29 "Ruby" March 17, 2001
30 "Whistle a Happy Tune" March 24, 2001
31 "You Talk Too Much" April 7, 2001
32 "Eye of the Mongrel" April 14, 2001

Season Three (2002)

# Title Airdate
33 "Doggie Do Right" March 3, 2002
34 "Fowl Deeds" March 10, 2002
35 "Slap Shot" March 17, 2002
36 "Dog Interrupted" March 24, 2002
37 "Welcome to the Doghouse" March 31, 2002
38 "Teacher's Pet Peeve" April 7, 2002
39 "Deep Blue Deed" April 14, 2002
40 "Lost and Found" April 21, 2002
  • End of new episodes in the United States.[1]


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