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101 Names of God is a prayer created by Meher Baba through translation of a Zoroastrian enumeration of "101 Names of Ahura Mazda" into English.[1]

Of the prayer Meher Baba said, "If you repeat this prayer with Love, no other prayer remains to be said. Anyone can repeat these names with Love, irrespective of the religion he belongs to."[2]

A book on the 101 Names of God is written by Gujarati scholar Sohrabji M. Desai,[3] editor of the Gujarati Biography of Upasni Maharaj.[4]

Number (out of 101)
1 Yazad Worthy of Worship
2 Harvesp-tawan All-Powerful
3 Harvesp-agah All-Knowing
4 Harvesp-khoda Lord of alll
5 Abadeh Without Beginning
6 Abi-anjam Without End
7 Bun-e-stiha Root of Creation
8 Frakhtan-taih Endless Bliss
9 Jamaga Primal Cause
10 Prajatarah Exalted One
11 Tum-afik Purest of the Pure
12 Abaravand Detached from All
13 Paravandeh In touch with all
14 An-ayafeh Unattainable
15 Hama-Ayafeh Attainer of All
16 Adro Most Righteous
17 Gira Upholder of all
18 A-ehem Beyond reason
19 Chamana Sovereign Reason
20 Safana Bountiful One
21 Afza Ever Prolific
22 Nasha Reaching equally to all
23 Parwara Nourisher
24 Ianaha Protector of the world
25 Ain-aenah Never Changing
26 An-aenah Formless
27 Kharoshid-tum Most Steadfast among the Steadfast
28 Mino-tum Lord Invisible
29 Vasna All-Pervading
30 Harvastum All in all
31 Hu-sepas Worthy of our profound thanks
32 Har-Hamid All embracing Goodness
33 Har-naik faraih All embracing Holy light
34 Baish-tarana Remover of affliction
35 Taronish Beyond Affliction
36 Anah-aoshaka Immortal
37 Farasaka Fulfiller of Holy Desires
38 Pajohdehad Creator of Holy attributes
39 Khwafar Compassionate Judge
40 Avakhshiaea Merciful Giver
41 Abaraja Bountiful Giver
42 A-satoha Unconquerable
43 Rakhoha Freest of the free
44 Varun Deliverer from evil
45 A-farefah Never Deceiving
46 Be-fareftah Never Deceived
47 A-dui One without a second
48 Kam-rad Lord of desire
49 Farman-kam Decreer of Sovereign Desire
50 Aekh Tan Soul Supreme
51 A-faremosh Never-forgetting
52 Hamarna Just Accountant
53 Sanaea Knowing all things
54 A-tars Fearless
55 A-bish Devoid of pain
56 A-frajdum Most exalted one
57 Ham-chun Ever the same
58 Mino-satihgar Invisible Creator of the Universe
59 A-minogar Creator of the Profoundly Spiritual
60 Mino-nahab Hidden within the spirit
61 Adar-bad-gar Transmuter of Fire into Air
62 Adar-nam-gar Transmuter of Fire into dew
63 Bad-adar-gar Transmuter of Air into Fire
64 Bad-nam-gar Transmuter of Air into dew
65 Bad-gail-gar Transmuter of Air into Earth
66 Bad-gred-tum Supreme Transmuter of Air into dust
67 Adar-kibritatum Supreme Transmuter of Fire into divine sparks
68 Bad-gar-jae Spreading Air everywhere
69 Ab-tum Creator of Lifegiving water
70 Gail-adar-gar Transmuter of Dust into Fire
71 Gail-vad-gar Transmuter of Dust into Air
72 Gail-nam-gar Transmuter of Dust into water
73 Gar-gar Master Craftsman
74 Garo-gar Rewarder of sincere desires
75 Gar-a-gar Creator of all Humanity and its actions
76 Gar-a-gar-gar Creator of all Human and Animal Life
77 A-gar-agar Creator of all the four elements
78 A-gar-a-gar-gar Creator of all the planets and all other worlds
79 A-guman Never in doubt
80 A-jaman Ageless
81 A-Khuan Eternally awake
82 Amast Ever-alert
83 Fashutana Ever-Protecting
84 Padmani Recorder of Man's actions
85 Firozgar Victorious
86 Khudawand Lord of the Universe
87 Ahuramazd Lord of Life and Wisdom
88 Abarin-kuhan-tawan Preserver of Creation
89 Abarin-nao-tawan Renewer of Creation
90 Vaspan Embracing All Creation
91 Vaaspar Giver of All Things
92 Khawar Infinitely Patient
93 Ahu Lord of exisience
94 Avakshidar Forgiver of sins
95 Dadar Divine Creator
96 Raiyomand Rayed in glory
97 Khorehmand Haloed in Light
98 Davar Lord of Justice
99 Kerfaigar Lord of Just Rewards
100 Bokhtar Liberator
101 Farsho-gar Awakener of Eternal Spring


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