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Gregorian calendar 1253
Ab urbe condita 2006
Armenian calendar 702
Bahá'í calendar -591 – -590
Bengali calendar 660
Berber calendar 2203
Buddhist calendar 1797
Burmese calendar 615
Byzantine calendar 6761 – 6762
Chinese calendar 壬子年十一月三十日
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Coptic calendar 969 – 970
Ethiopian calendar 1245 – 1246
Hebrew calendar 5013 – 5014
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 - Vikram Samvat 1308 – 1309
 - Shaka Samvat 1175 – 1176
 - Kali Yuga 4354 – 4355
Holocene calendar 11253
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Islamic calendar 650 – 651
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Korean calendar 3586
Thai solar calendar 1796




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  • July 6 - Mindaugas is crowned as King of Lithuania.
  • July - William II, Count of Holland defeats the Flemish army at Westkapelle.
  • A series of naval wars begins between the Italian city-states of Genoa and Venice, which will continue sporadically until 1371.
  • King Henry III of England meets with English nobles and church leaders to reaffirm the validity of the Magna Carta.
  • Pope Innocent IV returns to Rome, having left nine years earlier in 1244 to depose Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor, and being unable to return until after Frederick's death due to the agitation throughout Europe caused by that action.
  • Having rebuffed the armed forces of Conrad IV of Germany, Pope Innocent IV offers Sicily to Edmund, son of King Henry III of England.
  • Galicia becomes a vassal state to the expanding Mongol Empire.



  • January 19 - Dogen, Japanese founder of the Soto school of Zen Buddhism
  • August 11 - Clare of Assisi, Italian follower of Francis of Assisi (born 1194)
  • October 9 - Robert Grosseteste, English statesman and theologian
  • Wenceslaus I, King of Bohemia
  • Theobald IV of Champagne (born 1201)
  • Saint Richard of Chichester
  • King Henry I of Cyprus (born 1217)
  • Amadeus IV of Savoy (born 1197)

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