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12 Inch Production is in partnership with 'Nabsta Records' and a division of TRE (Thanbir Rahman Entertainment'

12 Inch Production's practically unequalled success is the stuff that Indie label dreams are made of. Since their first release in late 2005, 12 Inch Production has sold nearly 3 million units worldwide, generated close to £150 million in revenue, launched the solo careers of some of rap and hip-hop’s greatest artists, and achieved the goal of helping others to realize their vision of life beyond the poverty and violence ravished ghettos of East London. The man that turned those dreams into reality was himself a living example of keeping hope alive under abject circumstances. Ten years before his monumental foray into the music industry, Thanbir Rahman Nabil was seen as one of those hopeful kids who rises up by virtue of his athletic ability. A tailor’s son, Nabil rose above the drug and gang-ridden streets of Brick Lane all the way to his dream of playing professional Boxing throughout the World.

The recent artists that have signed to 12 Inch Production;
Nabsta, Kibz, Amz, Shane, Salz, Ash, Junzki, Rez, Naz, Killa Ronz, Bonez, and the 'NBoyz-NGalz Clik'


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