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138 Tolosa
Discovered by Henri Joseph Perrotin
Discovery date March 19, 1874
Alternate name  
Minor planet
Main belt
Epoch December 31, 2006 (JD 2454100.5)
Aphelion 425.819 Gm (2.846 AU)
Perihelion 306.744 Gm (2.050 AU)
Semi-major axis 366.282 Gm (2.448 AU)
Eccentricity 0.163
Orbital period 1399.371 d (3.83 a)
Average orbital speed 18.91 km/s
Mean anomaly 168.932°
Inclination 3.208°
Longitude of ascending node 54.948°
Argument of perihelion 260.018°
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 45.5 km
Mass 9.9 × 1016 kg
Mean density ? g/cm³
Equatorial surface gravity 0.0127 m/s²
Escape velocity 0.0241 km/s
Rotation period ? d
Albedo ?
Temperature ~178 K
Spectral type S
Absolute magnitude (H) 8.75

138 Tolosa (to-loe'-za, Latin Tolōsa) is a brightly coloured, stony Main belt asteroid. It was discovered by Henri Joseph Perrotin on May 19, 1874 and named after the Latin for Toulouse, France.



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