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145th Street is a major crosstown street in the Harlem neighborhood, in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It is one of the 15 crosstown streets mapped out in the Commissioner's Plan of 1811 that established the numbered street grid in Manhattan.[1] It forms the southern border of the Sugar Hill neighborhood within Harlem.

145th Street starts on the West Side at the Henry Hudson Parkway (New York State Route 907V), crossing Riverside Drive, Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue, Convent Avenue and Saint Nicholas Avenue. The street passes Edgecombe Avenue and Bradhurst Avenue, where 145 Street forms the southern border of Jackie Robinson Park. The street continues, crossing Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and Lenox Avenue, before crossing over the Harlem River Drive and then connecting to The Bronx over the East River via the 145th Street Bridge.


The Bx19 traverses 145th Street from end-to-end, starting with a loop in Riverbank State Park and heading back to the Bronx over the 145th Street Bridge to the New York Botanical Garden.[2]

The number 1 line stops at the 145th Street station at Broadway. Both the A,B,C, and D provide service at 145th Street at St. Nicholas Avenue. 3 line stops at the 145th Street station at Lenox Avenue.

In popular culture

Juelz Santanas 45th and Broadway describes the intersection of 145th Street and Broadway as a location for wholesale drugs such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana.


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