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14 Blades

Film poster
Traditional 錦衣衛
Simplified 锦衣卫
Pinyin Jǐn Yī Wèi
Jyutping Gam2 Ji1 Wai6
Directed by Daniel Lee
Produced by Susan Tsang
Written by Daniel Lee
Abe Kwong
Starring Donnie Yen
Zhao Wei
Wu Chun
Kate Tsui
Qi Yuwu
Cinematography Tony Cheung
Editing by Cheung Ka-Fai
Studio Shanghai Film Group
Visualizer Film Productions
Distributed by Arclight Films
Easternlight Films
Release date(s) China:
4 February 2010 (2010-02-04)
Hong Kong:
11 February 2010 (2010-02-11)
Country Hong Kong
Language Mandarin

14 Blades (traditional Chinese: 錦衣衛simplified Chinese: 锦衣卫; ) is a 2010 Hong Kong/Chinese action-thriller-Wuxia film directed by Daniel Lee and starring Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei, Wu Chun, Kate Tsui and Qi Yuwu. It is a remake of the 1984 Hong Kong film Police Pool of Blood.[citation needed] The theme song, which shares the same Chinese title as the film, is performed by Sa Dingding.



During the late Ming Dynasty, the Chinese imperial court is plagued by corruption as eunuchs usurp state power and the reigning emperor is incompetent. The Jinyi Wei (literally: Brocade-clad Guards) is the government's secret police, trained in clandestine combat since childhood, they are in charge of conducting missions to ensure peace and stability within the empire. They have the authority to prosecute anyone deemed as an enemy of the state and they devote their lives and lethal prowess to serving the emperor only. When the organisation was first founded, the Jinyi Wei took orders directly from the emperor, but now they are under the control of the eunuch faction. The chief eunuch Jia Jingzhong is plotting with an exiled noble, Prince Qing, to rebel against the emperor and seize power. Jia orders Qinglong, the Jinyi Wei chief, to kill the Imperial Councilor Zhao Shenyan and take Zhao's safebox, which supposedly contains a list of names of traitors.

However, Qinglong discovers later that he had been used, as the safebox contains the Imperial Seal, a symbol of the emperor's authority, and Jia wants to use it to legitimize Prince Qing's actions for convenience when the rebellion begins. Qinglong is betrayed by his fellow guards and becomes a fugitive when Jia denounces him as a traitor and issues an order for his arrest. Qinglong escapes and joins the Justice Escort Agency, where he strikes up a romantic relationship with Qiao Hua, the daughter of the agency's leader. Qinglong is determined to fulfill his loyalty to the emperor and continues to search for evidence of Prince Qing's rebellion plot and undermining Qing's plans. He is joined by the Heaven Eagles Gang, a group of bandits led by the Judge of the Sands. Standing in Qinglong's way are Jia Jingzhong's lackeys and his former Jinyi Wei fellows, as well as Prince Qing's goddaughter Tuotuo, a highly-skilled female pugilist.



Main cast

Guest stars


Awards and nominations

29th Hong Kong Film Awards

  • Nominated: Best Action Choreography (Ku Huen Chiu)
  • Nominated: Best Sound Design (Ken Wong and Phyllis Cheng)

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