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13th century - 14th century - 15th century

The 14th century in North American history provides a timeline of events occurring within the present political boundaries of United States (including territories) from 1301 through 1400 in the Gregorian calendar. Although this timeline segment may include some European or other world events that profoundly influenced later American life, it focuses on developments within Native American (and Polynesian) communities. Because the indigenous peoples of these regions lacked a written language, we must glean events from the admittedly very incomplete archaeological record and place them in time through radiocarbon dating techniques.

  • The Little Ice Age brought a period of severe decline to medieval Europe, causing the Great Famine. The Black Death followed, decimating the Old World population and leaving Western Europeans bereft of wealth and seafaring skills sufficient for worldwide exploration.

The 14th century in America probably also brought decline of the Mississippian culture, especially in the northern states. Dendroclimatology suggests that severe droughts ravaged the American Southwest and especially the Southern Plains early in the period, leading to a rapid cultural decline.


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