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Single by Mew
from the album Frengers
Released July 2003
Format CD
Genre Indie rock
Label Sony/Epic
Producer Rich Costey, Mew
Mew singles chronology
"Am I Wry? No"
"She Came Home for Christmas"

"156" is a song and single by Danish indie rock band Mew, and the third single from their third album Frengers. It also featured in an alternate version on their second album Half the World Is Watching Me, which, in fact, is the original version. The song was only released in Scandinavia. It was released in two formats: a 2-song CDS, and a 3-song CDS including the video.

Tracklisting (CDS 1)

  1. "156 (Album version)" - 4:54
  2. "Mica" - 3:33

Tracklisting (CDS 2)

  1. "156 (Edit)" - 4:02
  2. "King Christian" - 3:33
  3. "Comforting Sounds (Live)" - 10:27
  4. "156 (Video)"

Music video

The music video was handdrawn, and was a series of still drawings. In the video, the four members of Mew were on board a ship, along with their captain, an elephant. The captain orders two of the bandmembers (Jonas Bjerre and Silas Utke Graae Jørgensen) to rob a house on the shore. They take off towards the shore in a little boat. The elephant uses his telescope to see a young woman in a house, who he falls in love with. He shouts at the two bandmembers to come back, but they can't hear him. They reach the shore and enter the house, but as they enter, they knock over a vase. The girl wakes up upon hearing this, and flees the house. When Jonas and Silas return to the ship with the stolen goods, the elephant wanted to know happened to the girl. As he goes to sleep, he has a nightmare in which he sees the four bandmembers in the girl's house, trapping her and setting the house alight, killing the girl. The elephant wakes up, takes the stolen goods, and throws them overboard, convinced that the bandmembers killed the girl. In the chorus of the video, the bandmembers' actual bodies, though with the animated heads, can be seen playing their instruments. The artwork of this video is based on "Skibber Bee Bye", a comic book by (Ron Regé Jr.).



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