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Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 15th century16th century17th century
Decades: 1540s  1550s  1560s  – 1570s –  1580s  1590s  1600s
Years: 1575 1576 157715781579 1580 1581
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Category: EstablishmentsDisestablishments

Year 1578 (MDLXXVIII) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.


Events of 1578




1578 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1578
Ab urbe condita 2331
Armenian calendar 1027
Bahá'í calendar -266 – -265
Bengali calendar 985
Berber calendar 2528
Buddhist calendar 2122
Burmese calendar 940
Byzantine calendar 7086 – 7087
Chinese calendar 丁丑年十一月廿四日
— to —
Coptic calendar 1294 – 1295
Ethiopian calendar 1570 – 1571
Hebrew calendar 5338 – 5339
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1633 – 1634
 - Shaka Samvat 1500 – 1501
 - Kali Yuga 4679 – 4680
Holocene calendar 11578
Iranian calendar 956 – 957
Islamic calendar 985 – 986
Japanese calendar Tenshō 6
Korean calendar 3911
Thai solar calendar 2121
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This page is a placeholder for a page about the year 1578. The Wikiquote community has not yet come to a consensus on what this page, and calendar-year pages generally, ought to say. Please discuss any suggestions for the contents of year pages at the Village pump. In the meantime, Wikipedia's 1578 article offers a list of noteworthy events of this year.

Simple English

Millennium: 2nd millennium
Centuries: 15th century - 16th century - 17th century
Decades: 1540s  1550s  1560s  - 1570s -  1580s  1590s  1600s
Years: 1575 1576 1577 - 1578 - 1579 1580 1581


  • January 31 - Battle of Gemblours - Spanish forces under Don John of Austria and Alexander Farnese defeat the Dutch. Don John begins to recover control of the French-speaking Southern Netherlands
  • August 4 - Battle of Al Kasr al Kebir - The Moroccans defeat the Portuguese. King Sebastian I of Portugal is defeated and killed in North Africa, leaving his elderly uncle, Cardinal Henry, as his heir. This initiates a succession crisis in Portugal.
  • October 1 - Alexander Farnese, Prince of Parma, succeeds Don John as Spanish Governor-General of the Netherlands.
  • Martin Frobisher held the first celebration of Thanksgiving by Europeans in North American at Newfoundland by the Frobisher Expedition.
  • Tibet - Sonam Gyrso receives from prince Atlan Khan the title of "Talaï" and becomes the third Dalai Lama.
  • Battle of Wenden - The Russians are defeated by the Swedes, who proceed to take Polotsk.
  • The Ottoman Empire conquers Abkhazia.
  • Sixth and so far the last outbreak of the sweating sickness in England



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