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166th Airlift Wing
166th Airlift Wing.png
166th Airlift Wing emblem
Active 1962-Present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force/Air National Guard
Part of Air National Guard/Air Mobility Command
Garrison/HQ New Castle Airport, Delaware

The United States Air Force's 166th Airlift Wing is an airlift unit located at the New Castle County Airport, Delaware.



On 7 April 1962 the Delaware Air National Guard, with the 142nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, enlarged to "group status" as the 166th Air Transport Group and the was reassigned from the Tactical Air Command to the Military Air Transport Service. The Delaware Air National Guard gave up its F-86 Sabrejets for the four engine C-97 Stratocruiser cargo planes.

Dr. Harold Brown, Secretary of the Air Force, announced that effective 1 January 1966, the Military Air Transport Service would be redesignated as the Military Airlift Command. In addition to the name change certain Air National Guard units were also redesignated, including Delaware's. The unit was named the 166th Military Airlift Group.

During the period from 1964-1974 the Delaware Air National Guard flew missions to Vietnam.

On 9 April 1968, the Delaware Air National Guard was called to state duty to quell civil disturbance and violence in the city of Wilmington, Delaware. The unit was released from state duty after several weeks. However, many individuals remained on state duty through 20 January 1969.

On 12 May 1971 the Delaware ANG changed its name from the 166th Military Airlift Group to the 166th Tactical Airlift Group and replaced its C-97s with C-130A Hercules prop-jet cargo plane, and began transition from the Military Airlift Command to the Tactical Airlift Command.

On 16 October 1985, the Delaware Air National Guard began replacing its aging, antiquated C-130A's with the delivery of a brand new factory fresh C-130H. The last new C-130H aircraft arrived in January 1986.

On 25 January 1991 selected units of the Delaware Air National Guard were activated for the Persian Gulf War known as Operation Desert Storm. A majority of the unit was stationed at Al Kharj Air Base, Saudi Arabia. Over 150 personnel deployed to six other locations in Europe and two stateside bases. The 166th Civil Engineer Squadron voluntarily deployed to Dover Air Force Base, Delaware and performed the monumental accomplishment of enlarging Dover's Mortuary capacity - the assignment was completed in a record 23 days. On 30 June 1991 the units/personnel were released from active duty performed in support of the Persian Gulf War.

Another name change occurred on 16 March 1992, with the 166th Tactical Airlift Group being redesignated the 166th Airlift Group.

On 1 October 1995, the 166th Airlift Group was renamed the 166th Airlift Wing.[1]




Major Command

Previous designations

  • 166th Airlift Wing (10-1-1995-Present)
  • 166th Airlift Group (3-16-92-9-30-1995)
  • 166th Tactical Airlift Group (5-12-1971-3-15-1992)
  • 166th Military Airlift Group (1-1-1966-5-11-1971)
  • 166th Air Transport Group (4-7-1962-12-31-1965)

Squadrons assigned

Bases stationed

Aircraft operated



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