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The 1703 Genroku earthquake (元禄大地震 Genroku Daijishin?) occurred on December 31, 1703 in Edo, the forerunner of present-day Tokyo, Japan. It shook Edo and killed an estimated 2,300 people. Genroku is a Japanese era spanning from 1688 through 1704.

The earthquake is thought to have been an interplate earthquake whose focal region extended from Sagami Bay to the tip of the Bōsō Peninsula as well as the area along the Sagami Trough in the open sea southeast of the Boso Peninsula. This earthquake then resulted in a tsunami which hit the coastal areas of the Boso Peninsula and Sagami Bay. This caused more than 6,500 deaths, particularly on the Boso Peninsula. The Habu Pond on Izu Ōshima was collapsed and it rushed into the sea. The tsunami was reported to have caused more than 10,000 fatalities.


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34°42′N 139°48′E / 34.7°N 139.8°E / 34.7; 139.8 (epicenter)


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