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Year 1755 (MDCCLV) was a common year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Gregorian calendar (or a common year starting on Sunday of the 11-day slower Julian calendar).


Events of 1755




Nov. 1: Lisbon earthquake.
  • July 9French and Indian WarBraddock Expedition: British troops and colonial militiamen are ambushed and suffer a devastating defeat inflicted by French and Indian forces. During the battle, British General Edward Braddock is mortally wounded. Colonel George Washington survives.
  • July 17 – In a convoy of ships from Great Britain, returning to India for the East India Company, the lead ship Dodington wrecks at Port Elizabeth, losing a chest of gold coins from Robert Clive, worth L33,000. In 1998, 1,400 coins are offered for sale, and in 2002 a portion is given to the South African government.[1]
  • July 25 – The decision to deport the Acadians is made during meetings of the Nova Scotia Council meeting in Halifax. From September 1755 to June 1763 the vast majority of Acadians are deported to one of the following British Colonies in America: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina and Georgia. Contrary to popular belief, no Acadians are sent to Louisiana. Those sent to Virginia are refused and then sent on to Liverpool, Bristol, Southampton and Penn-ryn (Falmouth) in England. In 1758 the Fortress of Louisbourg falls and all of the civilian population of Isle Royal (Cape Breton Island) and Isle St. Jean (Prince Edward Island) are repatriated to France. Among them were several thousand Acadians who had escaped the deportation by fleeing into those areas. Very few Acadians successfully escape the deportation and do so only by fleeing into some of the northern sections of present day New Brunswick. The event inspires Longfellow to write the epic poem Evangeline.
  • August – The Great Expulsion of the Acadians begins.
  • November 11755 Lisbon earthquake: In Portugal, Lisbon is destroyed by a massive earthquake and tsunami, killing 60,000–90,000 people.
  • November 18 – An earthquake occurs in the vicinity of Cape Ann, Massachusetts, causing extensive damage.


Ongoing events


1755 in other calendars
Gregorian calendar 1755
Ab urbe condita 2508
Armenian calendar 1204
Bahá'í calendar -89 – -88
Bengali calendar 1162
Berber calendar 2705
Buddhist calendar 2299
Burmese calendar 1117
Byzantine calendar 7263 – 7264
Chinese calendar 甲戌年十一月十九日
— to —
Coptic calendar 1471 – 1472
Ethiopian calendar 1747 – 1748
Hebrew calendar 5515 – 5516
Hindu calendars
 - Vikram Samvat 1810 – 1811
 - Shaka Samvat 1677 – 1678
 - Kali Yuga 4856 – 4857
Holocene calendar 11755
Iranian calendar 1133 – 1134
Islamic calendar 1168 – 1169
Japanese calendar Hōreki 5
Korean calendar 4088
Thai solar calendar 2298
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See also Category: 1755 deaths.


  1. ^ 'Sailing Ship "Dodington"' (history), Dodington Family, 2002, webpage: Ship-Notes.


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People of the year 1755 at Familypedia

5 people were born in 1755

Father Mother Age mother at birth
Daniel Doty (c1755-1832) Samuel Doty (c1733-1817) Keturah (?-?)
Mary Wilkinson (1755-1781) Matthew Wilkinson (1726-1794) Isabel Unknown (1729-1801) 2626
Louis XVIII de Bourbon (1755-1824) Louis de Bourbon (1729-1765) Maria Josepha von Sachsen (1731-1767)
Karl Ludwig von Baden (1755-1801) Karl Friedrich von Baden (1728-1811) Karoline Luise von Hessen-Darmstadt (1723-1783) 3232
Marie Antoinette von Habsburg-Lothringen (1755-1793) Franz I. Stephan von Lothringen (1708-1765) Maria Theresia von Habsburg (1717-1780)

5 children were born to the 2 women born in 1755

5 people died in 1755

Father Mother Age at death
William Cavendish, 3rd Duke of Devonshire (1698-1755) William Cavendish, 2nd Duke of Devonshire (1672-1729) Rachel Russell (1674-1725) 5757
James Gordon (?-1755) John Gordon (?-1735) Margaret Dowell
Henrietta Cavendish Holles (1694-1755) John Holles, 1st Duke of Newcastle (1662-1711) Margaret Cavendish (1661-1716) 6161
Lammert te Havestee (1669-1755) Geert te Haveste Krosenbrink (c1641-bef1683) Metchen Haveste (bef1640-aft1683) 8686
Teunis te Warnshuis (1690-1755) Berent Kooldenbargh (c1657-?) Berendeken Debbinck (1663-1690) 6565

447 people lived in 1755

Father Mother
Elizabeth Unknown (1690-1768)
George II of Great Britain (1683-1760) George I of Great Britain (1660-1727) Sophie Dorothea von Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1666-1726)
George III of the United Kingdom (1738-1820) Frederick Lewis, Prince of Wales (1707-1751) Augusta von Sachsen-Gotha-Altenburg (1719-1772)
Isabel Unknown (1729-1801)
John Adams (1735-1826) John Adams (1690-1761) Susanna Boylston (?-?)
Anne of England (1709-1759) George II of Great Britain (1683-1760) Wilhelmine Karoline of Brandenburg-Ansbach (1683-1737)
James Ardery (1735-1793)
Jacob Arisz (1728-1793) Aris Bartelsz (1698-?) Cornelisje Gerrits (1698-?)
Thomas Arndell (1753-1821) Anthony Arndell (?-?) Elizabeth Harris (?-?)
Johann Leonhard Bach (1724-1796)
Edward Baglin (c1720-1771) Nicolas Bagland (c1690-1751) Bridget Wells (c1690-1734)
Matthew Baglin (c1725-1803) John Baglin (c1697-?) Mary Peglar (c1705-?)
Nehemiah Baglin (1730-1818) John Baglin (c1697-?) Mary Peglar (c1705-?)
Rebeka Baglin (c1748-1806) Thomas Baglin (c1725-?) Hannah
Samuel Baglin (c1742-1813) John Baglin (c1713-1743) Hester Jones (c1713-?)
… further results

Events of the year 1755 at Familypedia

4 people were married in 1755.

Joined with
Nehemiah Baglin (1730-1818) Betty Adlam (c1732-1773)
Moses Starr (1720-1794) Anna Margaretta Quattlebaum (1731-?)
Ludwig von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1725-1778) Charlotte von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1731-1810)
Charlotte von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld (1731-1810) Ludwig von Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1725-1778)

There were 0 military battles in 1755.

0.011185682326622 2.5 0.011185682326622
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Births 5  +
Deaths 3  +
Fertility 2.5  +
Mortality 0.00767  +
People 391  +
Year 1,755  +

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the acadians were forced to leave their home because of the treaty of uresty between the french and the British

  • Wolsey the clothes manufacturer was established in Leicester; the business celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2005.



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