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Events from the year 1777 in Canada.



  • July 4 - Near Fort Ticonderoga, General Burgoyne offers condonement if colonists lay down their arms.
  • September 19 - General Burgoyne's Indian and French allies desert at the battle of Stillwater.
  • October 16 - Articles of Capitulation of 5,782 British, under Burgoyne are written.
  • October 17 - Though aware of approaching relief, Burgoyne, having promised to capitulate, and fearing annihilation by a threatened attack, signs the capitulation. During its first session the Canadian Council passes sixteen ordinances, adopts English Commercial law, and constitutes itself a Court of Appeal, with final resort to the Privy Council in England.

Full date unknown

  • In the House of Lords, Lord Camden declares: "If I were an American, I should resist to the last such manifest exertions of tyranny, violence and injustice."
  • David Thompson enters Grey Coat School




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