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1880 Democratic National Convention
1880 Presidential Election
WinfieldSHancock.png WHEnglish-sketch.jpg
Date(s) June 22-June 24
City Cincinnati, Ohio
Venue Cincinnati Music Hall
Presidential Nominee Winfield Hancock of Pennsylvania
Vice Presidential Nominee William English of Indiana
1876  ·  1884

The Democratic National Convention of 1880 met June 22 to 24 of that year, at the Cincinnati Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. George Hoadly served as temporary chairman and John W. Stevenson served as permanent president. Delegates nominated Winfield S. Hancock of Pennsylvania for President of the United States (on the second ballot) and William H. English of Indiana for Vice President of the United States (unanimously).


The Convention

At the Democratic national convention in Cincinnati in June 1880, Winfield S. Hancock emerged the leading candidate after Samuel J. Tilden of New York withdrew his name from consideration. On the first ballot, Hancock led with 171 votes to 153.5 for Thomas F. Bayard of Delaware, 81 for Henry B. Payne of Ohio, 68.5 for Allen G. Thurman of Ohio, and the rest scattered. On the next ballot, Tilden supporters pushed Samuel J. Randall of Pennsylvania to second place with 128.5 votes, but Hancock held such a commanding lead with 320 votes that masses of delegates bolted to him before the second ballot was recorded, giving him 705 votes and the nomination. William H. English was nominated for vice president.[1]

The Pennsylvanian who nominated Hancock said, "I present to the Convention one who on the battlefield was styled 'the superb,' yet whose first act when in command of Louisiana and Texas was to salute the Constitution by proclaiming that, 'the military rule shall ever be subservient to the civil power.' I nominated one whose name will suppress all faction and thrill the republic."[2]

Presidential Ballot
Ballot 1st 2nd Before Shifts 2nd After Shifts
Winfield S. Hancock 171 320 705
Thomas F. Bayard 153.5 112 2
Samuel J. Randall 6 128.5 0
Henry B. Payne 81 0 0
Allen G. Thurman 68.5 50 0
Others 247.5 124.5 31
Abstaining 10.5 3 0

Source: US President - D Convention. Our Campaigns. (August 26, 2009).

Vice Presidential Ballot
William H. English 738

Source: US Vice President - D Convention. Our Campaigns. (August 26, 2009).

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