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The following are the baseball events of the year 1883 throughout the world.  



Inter-league playoff: Philadelphia (AA) declined to play Boston (NL)

Major league baseball final standings


National League final standings

National League
Club Wins Losses Win %   GB
Boston Beaneaters 63 35 .643 --
Chicago White Stockings 59 39 .602 4
Providence Grays 58 40 .592 5
Cleveland Blues 55 42 .567 7.5
Buffalo Bisons 52 45 .536 10.5
New York Gothams 46 50 .479 16
Detroit Wolverines 40 58 .408 23
Philadelphia Phillies/Quakers 17 81 .173 46

American Association final standings

American Association
Club Wins Losses Win %   GB
Philadelphia Athletics 66 32 .673 --
St. Louis Browns 65 33 .663 1
Cincinnati Red Stockings 61 37 .622 5
New York Metropolitans 54 42 .563 11
Louisville Eclipse 52 45 .536 13.5
Columbus Buckeyes 32 65 .330 33.5
Pittsburgh Alleghenys 31 67 .316 35
Baltimore Orioles 28 68 .292 37

Statistical leaders

National League Statistical Leaders

National League
Type Name Stat
AVG Dan Brouthers BUF .374
HR Buck Ewing NYG 10
RBI Dan Brouthers BUF 97
Wins Charles Radbourn PRO 48
ERA Jim McCormick CLV 1.84
Strikeouts Jim Whitney BSN 345

American Association Statistical Leaders

American Association
Type Name Stat
AVG Ed Swartwood PIT .357
HR Harry Stovey PHA 14
RBI Charley Jones CIN 80
Wins Will White CIN 43
ERA Will White CIN 2.09
Strikeouts Tim Keefe NYP 361

Notable seasons



  • February 17 - The American Association and the National League, along with the Northwestern League, sign the Tripartite Agreement (also known as the National Agreement). This agreement binds the leagues to respect each other's valid player contracts as well as increasing the size of the reserve list from 6 to 11 players. This leads to relative harmony among the leagues until the Players League wars of 1889-1890.
  • March 14 - The Peoria Club of the Northwestern League makes a motion to ban blacks, a move directly aimed at Toledo's star catcher, Moses Fleetwood Walker. After heated discussion, the motion is withdrawn and Walker remains eligible to play.
  • March 30 - Charles Fowle, one of the original founders of the National League, and secretary of the St. Louis Brown Stockings from 1875-1877, dies in St. Louis.
  • March 31 - The nations's oldest baseball club, the Olympic Town-Ball Club of Philadelphia, marks its 50th anniversary.




  • November 22 - New York Gothams owner John B. Day proposes a resolution to prohibit a team from signing a player who has broken the reserve clause of his contract. This resolution, eventually adopted by both the American Association and National League, effectively changes the reserve clause from a device to protect owners from their own greediness to a vindictive weapon to be used against uncooperative players.






Date of birth unknown


  • April 17 - John Bergh, 25, back-up catcher for the 1880 Boston Red Stockings.
  • July 5 - Charlie Guth, 27?, pitched a complete game victory in his only major league game in 1880 for the Chicago White Stockings.
  • September 21 - Dan Collins, 29, outfielder who played in 10 games from 1874-1876.
  • October 10 - Jim Devlin, 34, pitcher for the Louisville Grays in 1876-77 who led NL in games, innings, starts and strikeouts in its first season; expelled from baseball in 1877 due to a game-fixing scandal.

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