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1888 Republican National Convention
1888 Presidential Election
Benjamin Harrison, head and shoulders bw photo, 1896.jpg 22 Levi Morton 3x4.jpg
Date(s) June 19-June 25, 1888
City Chicago, Illinois
Venue Civic Auditorium
Chair Morris M. Estee
Presidential Nominee Benjamin Harrison of Indiana
Vice Presidential Nominee Levi P. Morton of New York
Other Candidates John Sherman
Russell A. Alger
Walter Q. Gresham
Total Delegates 832
Votes Needed for Nomination 417
Results (President) Harrison (IN): 544 (65.38%)
Sherman (OH): 118 (14.18%)
Gresham (IN): 59 (7.09%)
Alger (MI): 100 (12.02%)
Blaine (ME): 5 (0.60%)
McKinley (OH): 4 (0.48%)
Others: 2 (0.24%)
Results (Vice President) Morton (NY): 592 (71.15%)
Phelps (NJ): 119 (14.3%)
Bradley (KY): 103 (12.38%)
Bruce (MS): 11 (1.32%)
Abstaining: 6 (0.72%)
Walter S. Thomas: 1 (0.12%)
Ballots 8
1884  ·  1892

Issues Addressed

Issues addressed in the convention included support for protective tariffs, repeal of taxes on tobacco, support for the use of gold and silver as currency and support for pensions for veterans. The party also expressed its opposition to polygamy.[1]


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