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1892 Republican National Convention
1892 Presidential Election
Benjamin Harrison, head and shoulders bw photo, 1896.jpg Whitelaw Reid - Brady-Handy.jpg
Date(s) June 7-June 10, 1892
City Minneapolis, Minnesota
Venue Industrial Exposition Building
Chair William McKinley
Presidential Nominee Benjamin Harrison of Indiana
Vice Presidential Nominee Whitelaw Reid of New York
Other Candidates James G. Blaine
William McKinley
Total Delegates 906
Votes Needed for Nomination 462
Results (President) Harrison (IN): 536 (59.16%)
Blaine (ME): 183 (20.2%)
McKinley (OH): 182 (20.09%)
Reed (ME): 4 (0.44%)
Lincoln (IL): 1 (0.11%)
Ballots 1
1888  ·  1896

The 1892 National Convention of the Republican Party of the United States was held at the Industrial Exposition Building, Minneapolis, Minnesota, from June 7 to June 10, 1892. The party nominated Benjamin Harrison from Indiana for re-election as President of the United States on the first ballot and Whitelaw Reid of New York for Vice President.[1]

James S. Clarkson of Iowa was the outgoing chairman of the Republican National Committee. J. Sloat Fassett of New York was Temporary Chairman and Governor William McKinley Jr. of Ohio the Permanent Chair of the convention.

Harrison’s Secretary of State James G. Blaine, who had resigned from the cabinet on June 4, 1892, on the eve of the convention, had his name submitted for consideration by the delegates, but drew little support. Future president William McKinley tied Blaine for second place among the delegates. Interestingly, if Blaine had got the nomination and won the general election, his vice-presidential running mate would have been sworn in as president, since Blaine died two and a half months after the election, on January 27, 1893.

Although successful in his bid for renomination, President Harrison's performance was underwhelming for an incumbent due in part to the crushing defeat that the party's Congressional candidates had met in the 1890 off year elections. He lost the fall 1892 election to former president Grover Cleveland.


Detailed results



  1. Benjamin Harrison 535.17 votes (59.2%)
  2. James G. Blaine 182.17 votes (20.1%)
  3. William McKinley 182 votes (20.1%)
  4. Thomas Brackett Reed 4 votes (0.4%)
  5. Robert Lincoln 1 vote (0.1%)

Vice President

  1. Whitelaw Reid 906 votes (100%)


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