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1900 Democratic National Convention
1900 Presidential Election
William Jennings Bryan, 1860-1925.jpg 23 Adlai E. Stevenson 3x4.jpg
Date(s) July 4 - July 6
City Kansas City, Missouri
Venue Convention Hall
Presidential Nominee William J. Bryan of Nebraska
Vice Presidential Nominee Adlai E. Stevenson of Illinois
1896  ·  1904

The 1900 Democratic National Convention was a United States presidential nominating convention that took place the week of July 4, 1900 at Convention Hall in Kansas City, Missouri.

The convention nominated William Jennings Bryan for President and Adlai E. Stevenson for Vice President. The ticket was to lose the United States presidential election, 1900 to a the Republican ticket of William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt.

Bryan had little opposition after Spanish-American War hero Admiral George Dewey dropped out in May after being quoted in newspapers that he thought the President job would be easy because the president merely followed the orders of Congress to enforce laws.

The strongest opposition at the convention came from Richard Croker of New York's Tammany Hall who opposed Bryan.

The convention also marked the first time that a member of royalty attended a Presidential convention as a delegate. David Kawananakoa, heir to the throne of the Kingdom of Hawaii, represented the newest United States territory. Prince David was to break a tie about inserting a free silver plank into the convention platform.

The Democrats included planks in the platform denouncing Republican imperialism and expansion as was demonstrated in the Spanish-American War.

Convention Hall

Kansas City got the convention on the strength of its new Convention Hall, which opened on February 22, 1899. The hall was destroyed in a fire on April 4, 1900, but was rebuilt in 90 days in time for the convention. Harry S. Truman served as a page at the convention.


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