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  • In February, Myōjō ("Bright Star" or "Morning Star"), a monthly literary magazine, begins publication in Japan. between February 1900 and November 1908. It was the organ of the Shinshisha ("New Poetry Society") founded in 1899 by Yosano Tekkan (who became editor-in-chief and who later revived the magazine after it first went defunct in 1908). The magazine was initially known for its development and promotion of a modernized version of the 31-syllable tanka poetry. Famous contributors included Yosano Akiko, Hagiwara Sakutaro, Ishikawa Takuboku, Iwano Homei, Kitahara Hakushu, Noguchi Yonejiro, Kinoshita Rigen, and Sato Haruo. The magazine was advised by Mori Ōgai, Ueda Bin and Baba Kocho. Myōjō gradually transformed itself from purely tanka poetry to a sophisticated journal promoting the visual arts as well as Western-style poetry, and became an influential publication in Japanese poetry.

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  • C. R. Reddy, Musalamma Maranam , Indian, Telugu-language poem written in traditional metrical form but with a modern outlook, a landmark work in Telugu poetry[7]


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