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PARSLEY, a hardy biennal herb known botanically as Petroselinum sativum (natural order Umbelliferae), the leaves of which are much used for garnishing and flavouring. It occurs as a garden escape in waste places in Britain and it is doubtful if it is known anywhere as a truly wild plant; A. de Candolle, however (Origin of Cultivated Plants) considers it to be wild in the Mediterranean region. It grows best in a partially shaded position, in good soil of considerable depth and not too light; a thick dressing of manure should be given before sowing. For a continuous supply three sowings should be made, as early in February as the weather permits, in April or early in May and in July — the last for the winter supply in a sheltered position with southern exposure. Sow thinly in drills from 12 to 15 in. apart and about 1 in. deep; thin out to 3 in. and finally to 6 in. each. In winter the plants should be protected by frames or hand-glasses. The curled and mossy-leaved varieties are preferable. The Hamburg or turnip-rooted variety is grown for the root, which is cut up and used for flavouring.


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