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This is a list of aviation-related events from 1914:





  • January 1 - The St. Petersburg/Tampa Airboat Line starts services, becoming the first airline to provide regular services with heavier-than-air aircraft, with Anthony Jannus conveying passengers in a Benoist XIV flying boat. A.C. Pheil is the first airline passenger.


  • The Sikorsky Ilya Muromets sets a load-to-altitude record, lifting 16 people to 2,000 metres (6,562 ft).
  • February 8-10 - Berliner, Haase and Nikolai fly 3053 km in their free balloon from Bitterfeld to Perm. This record lasted until 1950.


  • March 23 - Royal Siamese flying corps was formed.



  • May 23 - well known pilot Gustav Hamel is lost over the North Sea while returning from Paris in a new Morane-Saulnier monoplane.


  • July 10-11, German Reinhold Böhm flies his Albatros-biplane 24 hours and 12 minutes without refueling and nonstop. This one-man-flight record lasted until 1927.
  • July 28 - outbreak of World War I Aviation changes war in a twofold way. The aeroplane turns the sky into a new battle field where about 20,000 flyers, most of them trained pilots die. Aircraft eliminate the distinction between frontline and hinterland, with the civilian population far behind the frontline also becoming a target.
  • July 30 - Norwegian Tryggve Gran flying a Blériot monoplane makes the first crossing of the North Sea by aeroplane.


  • August 8 - A French aerial observer is injured by small-arms fire, becoming that nation's first casualty of air war.
  • August 12 - Lieutenant Robin R. Skene and mechanic R. Barlow crash their Blériot monoplane on the way to Dover, they become the first members of the Royal Flying Corps to die on active duty. Robin Skene is buried in the churchyard of St Mary the Virgin, Send Surrey.
  • August 13 - A Royal Aircraft Factory BE.2 becomes the first British aircraft to arrive in France for the war.
  • August 22 - An Avro 504 on patrol over Belgium is shot down by German rifle fire, the first Royal Flying Corps destroyed in action.
  • August 25 - The first German aircraft of the war is forced down.
  • August 30 - Paris is bombed by a German aircraft for the first time - an Etrich Taube flown by Lt Ferdinand von Hiddessen.





  • December 21 - The UK is bombed by a German aircraft for the first time - a Taube drops two bombs near the Admiralty Pier, Kent.
  • December 25 - HMS Empress, HMS Engadine and HMS Riviera launch a seaplane attack on the Zeppelin sheds at Cuxhaven. Fog prevents the aircraft from reaching their target, and only three of the nine aircraft find their way back to their mother ships.

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