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The 1930s Hindu Nationalist Support to German Cause related about Hindu support to German Nazi cause during wartimes.if observed why exist also other ideological and religious coincidences between ancient Indian doctrines and German ideology and mythical roots.

The route followed by Savitri Devi Mukerji was can to explain the reserved support to Nazism by Nationalist Indians.

Borned in Lyon during September 30,1905,of Greek with Piamontese blood father and English mother,her arriving to India in 1933, were received revelation, "Over land were if venerated to ancient Aryan Gods, why seeing to Aryans founded one civilization and the Aryan Gods surviving in India thanks to two thousand millions of human beings, the India was as assilum land for our prosecuted Gods" before at why Adolph Hitler convert in chief of New Germany Savitri Devi if consecrated in Aryan doctrines of one material superior race amongst based of previous works of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Bramin, researcher and mathematic expert,author of "The Artic Home of Vedas", were explain your theory related to "Polar" origin of Aryans, why created to "Thule Civilization". profound Pagan, "Sun adoration" beliver Savitri Devi followed the Indian ways the north to South were listen for all with respect. the Italian Consul in Calcuta see in her at "Aryan Paganism missionaire"

Savitry Devi was knowed perfectly why Fuhrer was consciously of your paper of pathfinder of future Aryan great leader.Alfred Rosenberg affirmed "Why th Aryan Hindu are guiving at world of one Methaphysic unique, why your depth was without similar".

Same proper Tilak in your works and others thinkers related why the first Vedic civilization was provided from Pole,himself remember why the Asian localization of Agartta (another Shambhala name under led of king Magag as equal to the Indian Shiva residence legend) inside of Himalaya montains coincided with primitive Hyperborean myths and Buddhi (Hindu equal to Sophia spirit).exist other suppose coincidence,when between Polar traditions and vedic miths when both affirmed why for media of one ancient Polar Oracle ones future leaders(Avatara or Manu) debt to guided the "Great Final Dissolutesness",Apocalypsis or ,the "Mahapralaya" and "all thing why debt to raising after" and symbolical identity of The Monsalvat or Holy Grail mountain to hindu Paradesha mountain between other Polar legends.if related in certain coincidence why
the Hinduism,amongst Islam and Taoism was represent the Near East,along Middle East and Far East,in your order represent the three faces or aspects of "misterious" "Agartta World King",between others Veda and Edda traditions.

In 1937 the German Embassy in Calcutta, sponsored by the anti-British newspaper The "New Mercury" edited by Sri Asit Krishna Mukerji during 1935-37; as nationalist convinced admired at Germany and your same time him present at Subhas Chandra Bose, knew Axis Powers colaborator to Japanese representatives.

The German Ambassador Von Salzmann contacted also with,Savitri Devi Mukerji, as Krishna Mukerji wife;her and your ortodox and nationalist friends was convinced why the Fuhrer was "Visnu incarnation" (in The "Bharawabja" texts if related about "Narayana" one Visnu aspect: At firsts the universe are not one halit, all stay without live, in calm, silencious, without sound, the void and darkness as part to space, Only the Supreme Spirit, Inconditional Power, the Creator, Narayana "The Seven Head Dragon" if moved between darkness)

The Pandit Rajwade of Poona another nationalists proclaim at German Nazi leader how the Chakravartin king of Europe destined to restablish the real order;
he predicted the first German victories the defeats,the some general treasons,the last stand, final and death of Fuhrer, all this considered stay in things order, were Hitler was "One Incarnation" arent the "Supreme Incarnation".

Related leaders and others supporters also enter in contac with researchers and SS members of German 1939 expedition in route to Tibetan Plateau and guiving support and cover to these special mission during your time why stayed in Indian territoire ;also supported at German undercover actions in Marmagoa bay,portugese neutral settlement in Goa during wartimes.

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