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1948 Democratic National Convention
1948 Presidential Election
34 Harry Truman 3x4.jpg 35 Alben Barkley 3x4.jpg
Date(s) July 12 - July 14
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue Convention Hall
Presidential Nominee Harry Truman of Missouri
Vice Presidential Nominee Alben Barkley of Kentucky
1944  ·  1952

The 1948 Democratic National Convention was held at Convention Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from July 12 to July 14, and resulted in the nominations of incumbent Harry S Truman for President and U.S. Senator Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky for Vice President in the Presidential election of 1948.


Hubert Humphrey's Address

When Minneapolis mayor Hubert Humphrey addressed the convention, he urged the Democratic Party to "get out of the shadow of states' rights and walk forthrightly into the bright sunshine of human rights," prompting a walkout by Southern delegates who later nominated Strom Thurmond as the presidential nominee of the States' Rights Party (Dixiecrats). This was a launching point for Humphrey; he was elected to the United States Senate later that year and to the Vice Presidency in 1964.

The balloting

In the absence of three dozen Southern delegates who walked out of the convention with Thurmond, 947 Democrats voted to nominate Truman as their candidate (against 263 for Senator Richard Russell, Jr. of Georgia).



Vice President

U.S. Senator Alben W. Barkley of Kentucky was nominated by acclamation without a roll call vote.

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