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The 7th Cannes Film Festival was held on March 25 - April 9, 1954.



  • Jean Cocteau (France) (president)
  • Jean Aurenche (France)
  • André Bazin (France)
  • Luis Buñuel
  • Henri Calef (France)
  • Guy Desson (France) (MP official)
  • Philippe Erlanger (France)
  • Michel Fourre-Cormeray (France)
  • Jacques-Pierre Frogerais (France) (CNC official)
  • Jacques Ibert (France)
  • Georges Lamousse (France) (senate official)
  • André Lang (France)
  • Noël-Noël (France)
  • Georges Raguis (France) (union official)
  • Henning Jensen (Denmark) (short films)
  • Albert Lamorisse (France) (short films)
  • Jean Queval (France) (journalist) (short films)
  • Jean Tédesco (France) (short films)
  • Jean Vivie (France) (CST official) (short films)

Feature film competition


Grand Prize of the Festival

Gate of Hell by Teinosuke Kinugasa

Jury Special Prize

Knave of Hearts by René Clément

International Prize

Special Mention

Special Award

From Here to Eternity by Fred Zinnemann

Best Puppet Short Film

O Sklenicku Vic by Břetislav Pojar

Best Fantastic-Poetic Film

The Pleasure Garden by James Broughton

OCIC Award

Die Letzte Brücke by Helmut Käutner

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