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The 1967 NBA Expansion Draft was the third expansion draft of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The draft was held on May 1, 1967 before the 1967–68 season, as the league expanded to 12 franchises with the additon of the San Diego Rockets and Seattle SuperSonics. The Rockets and the Sonics both selected 15 unprotected players from other NBA teams. The Rockets moved to Houston, Texas in 1971 and are currently known as the Houston Rockets.[1] The SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 2008 and are currently known as the Oklahoma City Thunder.[2]

The San Diego Rockets, the 12th franchise in the NBA, were founded by Robert Breitbard after the city of San Diego, California was granted an NBA franchise on January 11, 1967.[3] The Rockets name was chosen because it reflects the growth of the space-age industries in the city as well as the city's theme of "a city in motion".[1] Former Cincinnati Royals and Chicago Zephyrs head coach Jack McMahon was named as the franchise's first head coach and general manager.[4] The Rockets selected 15 players from the other NBA teams, including three-time All-Star Johnny Green. Ten players from the expansion draft went on to join the Rockets for their inaugural season. Don Kojis was named to the 1968 All-Star Game, becoming the first All-Star from the franchise.[5]

The Seattle SuperSonics became the 11th NBA franchise after the city of Seattle, Washington was awarded an NBA franchise on December 20, 1966.[6] The Sonics were founded by a group of investors led by Sam Schulman and Eugene Klein.[7] Schulman then served as president of the team and head of operations. He hired former Chicago Bulls assistant coach Al Bianchi to became the franchise's first head coach.[8] The Sonics selected 15 players from the other NBA teams, including six-time All-Star Richie Guerin and one-time All-Star Tom Meschery. Guerin, who was serving as the St. Louis Hawks' player-coach when the Sonics selected him, decided to end his playing career to focus on his coaching duties. He never played for the Sonics, even though he later returned briefly as a player with the Hawks.[9] Nine players from the expansion draft went on to join the Sonics for their inaugural season. Mahdi Abdul-Rahman (then known as Walt Hazzard) was named to the 1968 All-Star Game, becoming the first All-Star from the franchise.[5]



G Guard F Forward C Center

San Diego Rockets

Player Position Nationality Previous team Years pro[a] Career with
the franchise
Barnett, JimJim Barnett G/F  United States Boston Celtics 1 19671970
Barnhill, JohnJohn Barnhill G  United States Baltimore Bullets 5 1967–1968
Block, JohnJohn Block F/C  United States Los Angeles Lakers 1 19671971
Finkel, HankHank Finkel C  United States Los Angeles Lakers 1 19671969
Gambee, DaveDave Gambee F  United States Philadelphia 76ers 9 1967–1968
Green, JohnnyJohnny Green F/C  United States Baltimore Bullets 8 1967–1968
Kimball, TobyToby Kimball F/C  United States Boston Celtics 1 19671971
Kojis, DonDon Kojis F  United States Chicago Bulls 4 19671970
Lewis, FreddieFreddie Lewis G  United States Cincinnati Royals 1 [b]
McGlocklin, JonJon McGlocklin G/F  United States Cincinnati Royals 2 1967–1968
Molis, WayneWayne Molis F  United States New York Knicks 1 [b]
Neumann, PaulPaul Neumann G  United States San Francisco Warriors 6 [b]
Vaughn, ChicoChico Vaughn G  United States Detroit Pistons 5 [b]
Ward, GerryGerry Ward G  United States Chicago Bulls 4 [b]
Ware, JimJim Ware F  United States Cincinnati Royals 1 1967–1968

Seattle SuperSonics

Player Position Nationality Previous team Years pro[a] Career with
the franchise
Akin, HenryHenry Akin F/C  United States New York Knicks 1 1967–1968
Bowman, NateNate Bowman C  United States Philadelphia 76ers 1 [b]
Deutsch, DaveDave Deutsch G  United States New York Knicks 1 [b]
Guerin, RichieRichie Guerin G  United States St. Louis Hawks 11 [b]
Hazzard, WaltWalt Hazzard[c] G  United States Los Angeles Lakers 3 1967–1968
Kron, TommyTommy Kron G  United States St. Louis Hawks 1 19671969
Meschery, TomTom Meschery F  United States San Francisco Warriors 6 19671971
Murrey, DorieDorie Murrey F/C  United States Detroit Pistons 1 19671970
Olsen, BudBud Olsen F/C  United States San Francisco Warriors 1 1967–1968
Reed, RonRon Reed F  United States Detroit Pistons 2 [b]
Thorn, RodRod Thorn G  United States St. Louis Hawks 4 19671971
Warley, BenBen Warley G/F  United States Baltimore Bullets 5 [b]
Watts, RonRon Watts F  United States Boston Celtics 2 [b]
Weiss, BobBob Weiss G  United States Philadelphia 76ers 2 1967–1968
Wilson, GeorgeGeorge Wilson C  United States Chicago Bulls 3 1967–1968


  • a 1 2 Number of years played in the NBA prior to the draft
  • b Never played a game for the franchise
  • c Walt Hazzard changed his name into Mahdi Abdul-Rahman in 1972.[10]


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