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This is a list of spaceflights launched in 1968.

Rocket Site LSP Payload Operator Orbit Function Decay
Outcome Remarks
22 January, 22:48 GMT Saturn IB (C-1B) LC-37B, Cape Canaveral NASA Apollo 5 NASA LEO Test Lunar Module 12 February 1968, 09:58 GMT Successful Minor malfunction of LM descent stage engine, otherwise successful
4 April, 12:00:01 GMT Saturn V (C-5) LC-39A, Kennedy NASA Apollo 6 NASA LEO Test CSM heat shield at Lunar return speeds. Test S-IVB re-ignition in LEO. 4 April 1968 21:57:21 GMT Partial failure Experienced Pogo oscillation during S-IC first stage assent. S-IVB failed restart test.
11 October, 15:02 GMT Saturn IB (C-1B) LC-34, Cape Canaveral NASA Apollo 7 NASA LEO Manned orbital flight 22 October 1968, 11:11:48 GMT Successful First manned Apollo flight
25 October
09:00 GMT
Soyuz (R-7/A-2) LC-1/5, Baikonur RVSN Soyuz 2 RVSN LEO Docking target for Soyuz 3 28 October 1968, 07:21 GMT Successful Soyuz 3 failed to dock
26 October, 08:34 GMT Soyuz (R-7/A-2) LC-31/6 Baikonur RVSN Soyuz 3 RVSN LEO Manned orbital flight 30 October 1968, 07:25:03 GMT Partial Failure Failed to dock with Soyuz 2
21 December, 12:51 GMT Saturn V (C-5) LC-39A, Kennedy NASA Apollo 8 NASA Selenocentric Manned lunar orbiter 27 December 1968, 15:51:42 GMT Successful First manned mission to the Moon

Deep Space Rendez-vous in 1968


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