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The 17th Artistic Gymnastics World Championships were held in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, in 1970.



 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Japan 7 6 4 17
2  USSR 3 5 8 16
3  East Germany 3 3 3 9
4  Yugoslavia 1 0 0 1
5  United States 0 1 0 1
6  Czechoslovakia 0 0 1 1



1st Japan Eizo Kenmotsu (JPN) 115.050
2nd Japan Mitsuo Tsukahara (JPN) 113.850
3rd Japan Akinori Nakayama (JPN) 113.800



Floor exercise

1st Japan Akinori Nakayama (JPN) 19.025
2nd Japan Eizo Kenmotsu (JPN) 18.975
3rd Japan Takeshi Kato (JPN) 18.900

Pommel horse

1st Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Miroslav Cerar (YUG) 19.375
2nd Japan Eizo Kenmotsu (JPN) 19.325
3rd Soviet Union Viktor Klimenko (URS) 19.050


1st Japan Akinori Nakayama (JPN) 19.400
2nd Japan Mitsuo Tsukahara (JPN) 19.250
3rd Soviet Union Mikhail Voronin (URS) 19.225


1st Japan Mitsuo Tsukahara (JPN) 19.125
2nd Soviet Union Viktor Klimenko (URS) 19.000
3rd Japan Takeshi Kato (JPN) 18.600

Parallel bars

1st Japan Akinori Nakayama (JPN) 19.400
2nd Japan Eizo Kenmotsu (JPN) 19.250
2nd Soviet Union Mikhail Voronin (URS) 19.250

Horizontal bar

1st Japan Eizo Kenmotsu (JPN) 19.475
2nd Japan Akinori Nakayama (JPN) 19.375
3rd East Germany Klaus Koeste (GDR) 19.350
3rd Japan Takuji Hayata (JPN) 19.350

Team final

1st  Japan 571.100
2nd  USSR 564.350
3rd  East Germany 553.150



1st Soviet Union Ludmilla Tourischeva (URS) 77.050
2nd East Germany Erika Zuchold (GDR) 76.450
3rd Soviet Union Zinaida Voronina (URS) 76.150



1st East Germany Erika Zuchold (GDR) 19.450
2nd East Germany Karin Janz (GDR) 19.350
3rd Soviet Union Ludmilla Tourischeva (URS) 19.300
3rd Soviet Union Lyubov Burda (URS) 19.300

Uneven bars

1st East Germany Karin Janz (GDR) 19.550
2nd Soviet Union Ludmilla Tourischeva (URS) 19.450
3rd Soviet Union Zinaida Voronina (URS) 19.300

Balance beam

1st East Germany Erika Zuchold (GDR) 19.200
2nd United States Cathy Rigby (USA) 19.050
3rd East Germany Christine Schmitt (GDR) 18.900
3rd Soviet Union Larissa Petrik (URS) 18.900

Floor exercise

1st Soviet Union Ludmilla Tourischeva (URS) 19.650
2nd Soviet Union Olga Karaseva (URS) 19.525
3rd Soviet Union Zinaida Voronina (URS) 19.375

Team final

1st  USSR Lyubov Burda 380.650
Olga Karaseva
Tamara Lazakovich
Larissa Petrik
Ludmilla Tourischeva
Zinaida Voronina
2nd  East Germany Angelika Hellmann 377.750
Karin Janz
Marianne Moack
Richarda Schmeißer
Christine Schmitt
Erika Zuchold
3rd  Czechoslovakia Soňa Brázdová 371.900
Luba Krasna
Hana Lišková
Marianna Nemetova-Krajcirova
Bohumila Řimnáčová
Marcella Váchová


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