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Aleksandr Tvardovsky, who died this year, was a Soviet poet who, as editor of Novy Mir, fought for more independence and published Alexandr Solzhenitsyn's One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich in 1962



  • This Magazine founded by Robert Grenier and Barrett Watten
  • The Canterbury Tales, a film directed by Pier Paulo Pasolini, providing a soft-pornographic, controversial version of four tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • March — Cuban poet Herberto Padilla is arrested in Havana and released only after signing a confession stating he is a "vicious character" who took part in counterrevolutionary activities. A letter to Fidel Castro published May 20 in Paris from 60 leftist intellectuals, all supporters of the Cuban revolution, protested Padilla's treatment and accused Castro of imposing Stalinism on Cuba. Among the 60: Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Susan Sontag, Alberto Moravia, Carlos Fuentes, and Mario Vargas Llosa (who said he continued to support the Cuban revolution). Julio Cortázar of Argentina said he stood by Castro in a verse manifesto, Policrítica en la hora de los chacales.
  • April 8 — release of Right On!, a film directed by Herbert Danska, of poetry recitations with bongo accompaniments on New York city streets
  • Counter/measures magazine is founded in the United States by X. J. Kennedy and his wife, Dorothy. The magazine champions poetry written in traditional patterns[1] and is an influence in the later creation of the New Formalism movement.

Works published in English

Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:



India in English

  • G. S. Sharat Chandra, April in Nanjangud, London: London Magazine[4]
  • Michael Chacko Daniels, Split into Two, Calcutta: Writers Workshop[4]
  • Keki N. Daruwalla, Apparition in April, Calcutta: Writers Workshop[4]
  • Amaresh Datta, Captive Moments, Calcutta: Writers Workshop[4]
  • Nolini Kanta Gupta, Collected Works, five volumes, published this year through 1976; Pondicherry: Sri Aurobindo Book Distribution Agency[4]
  • Subhoranjan Das Gupta, Bodhisattva and Other Poems, Calcutta: Writers Workshop[4]
  • Gopal R. Honnalgere, A Wad of Poems, Calcutta: Writers Workshop[4]
  • Jayanta Mahapatra:
    • Svayamvara and Other Poems[5]
    • Close the Sky Ten by Ten[5]

New Zealand

United Kingdom

United States

Other in English

  • John Figeuroa, editor, Caribbean Voices, Evans Brothers, anthology, Caribbean[11]
  • Chris Wallace-Crabbe (Australia):
    • Editor: Australian Poetry 1971, Sydney: Angus & Robertson (anthology)
    • Where the Wind Came, Sydney: Angus and Robertson

Works published in other languages

Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:


French language


  • Paul-Marie Lapointe, Le Réel absolu (Editions de l'Hexagone)
  • Olivier Marchand, Par Détresse et tendresse (Editions de l'Hexagone)
  • Rina Lasnier, La Salle des rêves
  • Jacques Brault, La Poésie ce matin (published in Paris)
  • Gilbert Langevin:
    • Ouvrir le feu
    • Stress
  • Raoul Duguay, L'Apokalypso
  • Claude Péloquin, Pour la Grandeur de l'Homme


  • J. L. Bédouin, editor, La Poésie Surréaliste
  • Pierre Seghers, editor, La Poésie symboliste


  • Leah Goldberg, Shearit ha-Chaim (posthumous)
  • I. Efros, Shirim, collected poems
  • D. Avidan, Shirim Hitzoniim
  • Y. Amichai, Al Menat Lo Lizkor
  • N. Yonatan, Shirim ba-Arov ha-Yam
  • D. Pagis, Gilgul
  • R. Adi, Mishaa le-Shaa
  • A. Eldon, Levado ba-Zerem ha-Koved
  • R. Shani, Shalom la-Adoni ha-Melech
  • M. Meir, ha-Aretz Hahi Mitahat la-Mayim
  • M. Oren, Adam Muad
  • M. Megged, editor, Shirim Liriim, anthology of modern Hebrew poetry
  • E. Silberschlag, Igrotai le-Dorot Aherim
  • R. Avinoam, be-Misholai
  • R. Lee, El Parvarai ha-Shemesh


  • Libero De Libero, Di brace in brace[13]


Portuguese language


  • Joaquim Cardozo, De uma noite de festa
  • Murilo Mendes, Convergência
  • Henriqueta Lisboa, Nova lírica
  • Manuel Bandeira, Meus pemas perferidos, a selection from previous books
  • Foed Castro Chamma, O andarilho e a aurora
  • Anderson Braga Horta, Altiplano

Spanish language

Latin America

  • Herberto Padilla, Por el momento, published before his arrest in Cuba (see Events above)
  • Roberto Fernández Retamar, A quien pueda interesar (Cuba)
  • José Lezama Lima, Poesía completa (Cuba)
  • Ernesto Mejía Sánchez, Estelas/homenajes (Nicaragua)
  • Carlos Solórzano, Las celdas (Guatemala)
  • Five authors, including Agustín del Rosario, Poesía joven de Panamá
  • M.L. Mendoza, Con él, conmigo, con nosotros tres


  • José Angel Valente, Las palabras de la tribu, essays
  • Vicente Aleixandre, Poesía superrealista
  • José María Valverde, Enseñanzas de la edad, 1945-70


  • Ylva Eggehorn, Ska vi dela
  • Bo Setterlind, Himlen har landat
  • Karl Vennberg, Sju ord pa tunnelbanan
  • Lars Forssell, Oktober dikter ("October Poems")
  • Gören Palm, Varför har nätterna inga namn?
  • Kerstin Thorvall, Följetong i skärt och svart


  • Brakha Coodley, Not on Bread Alone
  • Leo Kussman, Ballads of a Generation
  • Berl Siegal, Poems for Children
  • Mier Shtiker, Jewish Landscape, Volume 2
  • M.M. Saffir, Creator of Various Dreams
  • Menakhem Stern, Songs at Midnight
  • Rochelle Weprinski, The Only Star
  • Aaron Zeitlin, Poems of Destruction and Faith
  • Joseph Kerler, Song Between Teeth
  • Jacob Sternberg, The Circle of Years


  • Hiren Bhattacharya, Mor Des Mor Premar Kavita ("Poems of My Country and of My Love"), Indian, Assamese language[14]
  • Odysseus Elytis, Ο ήλιος ο ηλιάτορας ("The Sovereign Sun"), Greece
  • F. Pratz, Deutsche Gedichte von 1900 bis zur Gegenwart, anthology, German[15]
  • Nilmani Phookan, Phuli Thaka Suryamukhi Phultor Pine ("Towards the Blooming Sunflower"), Assamese language[14]
  • Siegbert Prawer, editor, Seventeen Modern German Poets, anthology published by Oxford University Press (published in the United Kingdom, poems in German)[15]

Awards and honors


United Kingdom

United States




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